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2006Adoption and sustainability of decision support for patients facing health decisions: an implementation case study in nursingStacey, Dawn; Pomey, Marie-Pascale; O'Connor, Annette M.; Graham, Ian D.
2008Advancing theories, models and measurement for an interprofessional approach to shared decision making in primary care: A study protocolLégaré, France; Stacey, Dawn; Graham, Ian D.; Elwyn, Glen; Pluye, Pierre; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Frosch, Dominick; Harrison, Margaret B.; Kryworuchko, Jennifer; Pouliot, Sophie; Desroches, Sophie
31-Oct-2011An Observational Study of Associations Among Maternal Fluids During Parturition, Neonatal Output, and Breastfed Newborn Weight LossNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Peterson, Wendy E.; Gibb, William; Groll, Dianne L.
2009Assessing the quality of decision support technologies using the International Patient Decision Aid Standards instrument (IPDASi)Elwyn, Glyn; O'Connor, Annette M.; Bennett, Carol; Newcombe, Robert G.; Politi, Mary; Durand, Marie-Anne; Drake, Elizabeth; Joseph-Williams, Natalie; Khangura, Sara; Saarimaki, Anton; Sivell, Stephanie; Stiel, Mareike; Bernstein, Steven J.; Col, Nananda; Coulter, Angela; Eden, Karen; Härter, Martin; Holmes Rovner, Margaret; Moumjid, Nora; Stacey, Dawn; Thomson, Richard; Whelan, Tim; van der Weijden, Trudy; Edwards, Adrian
2010Atelier : Faciliter la formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu ruralCragg, Betty; Jelley, Wilma; Johnstone, Brigitte; Hirsh, Michael; Barnes, Peter; Anderson, Judith; Sidorchuk, Joanne; Formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu rural (FIMR)
2010Case studies: Facilitating Interprofessional Education in the Rural Health Care SettingCragg, Betty; Jelley, Wilma; Johnstone, Brigitte; Hirsh, Michael; Barnes, Peter; Anderson, Judith; Rural Interprofessional Clinical Education (RICE)
5-Mar-2013Chez nous, c'est chez toi: une étude exploratoire sur le VIH et le logement au Québec. Rapport illustré.Laperrière, Hélène; Zúñiga, Ricardo; Aylestock, Jacques
5-Dec-2011Criminal Law and Public Health Practice: Are the Canadian HIV Disclosure Laws an Effective HIV Prevention Strategy?O'Byrne, Patrick
15-Apr-2015Delirium as letting go: an ethnographic analysis of hospice care and family moral experienceWright, David Kenneth; Brajtman, Susan; Cragg, Betty; Macdonald, Mary Ellen
2011Drug Use as Boundary Play: A Qualitative Exploration of Gay Circuit PartiesO'Byrne, Patrick; Holmes, Dave
2008Efficacy of a training intervention on the quality of practitioners' decision support for patients deciding about place of care at the end of life: A randomized control trial: Study protocolMurray, Mary Ann; O'Connor, Annette M.; Stacey, Dawn; Wilson, Keith G.
2009EXACKTE2: Exploiting the clinical consultation as a knowledge transfer and exchange environment: a study protocolLégaré, France; Stewart, Moira; Frosch, Dominick; Grimshaw, Jeremy; Labrecque, Michel; Magnan, Martine; Ouimet, Mathieu; Rousseau, Michel; Stacey, Dawn; van der Weijden, Trudy; Elwyn, Glyn
2012Exploring how IBCLCs manage ethical dilemmas: a qualitative studyNoel-Weiss, Joy; Cragg, Betty; Woodend, A Kirsten
2010Études de cas : Faciliter la formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu ruralCragg, Betty; Jelley, Wilma; Johnstone, Brigitte; Hirsh, Michael; Barnes, Peter; Anderson, Judith; Formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu rural (FMIR)
8-Jul-2010Femmes vivant avec le VIH/sida et lipodystrophie : vers une compréhension qualitative du processus de transformations corporellesGagnon, Marilou
31-Oct-2011Iatrogenic Newborn Weight Loss: Knowledge Translation Using a Study Protocol for Your Maternity SettingNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Groll, Dianne L.
2009Improving healthcare consumer effectiveness: An Animated, Self-serve, Web-based Research Tool (ANSWER) for people with early rheumatoid arthritisLi, Linda C.; Adam, Paul; Townsend, Anne F.; Stacey, Dawn; Lacaille, Diane; Cox, Susan; McGowan, Jessie; Tugwell, Peter; Sinclair, Gerri; Ho, Kendall; Backman, Catherine L.
2009Integrating patient decision support in an undergraduate nursing curriculum: An implementation projectStacey, Dawn; Higushi, Kathryn A.S.; Menard, Prudence; Davies, Barbara; Graham, Ian D.; O'Connor, Annette M.
14-May-2010Knowledge translation to fitness trainers: A systematic reviewStacey, Dawn; Hopkins, Michael; Adamo, Kristi B.; Shorr, Risa; Prud'homme, Denis
2012Mapping HIV Community Viral Load: Space, Power and the Government of BodiesGagnon, Marilou; Guta, Adrian
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