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2022The Elusive Silver Lining: Caring for Patients in the HIV/AIDS "War Zone". How Did Nurses Sustain It? Bene t-Finding AnalysisJacob, Carl GA; Lagacé-Roy, Daniel; Lussier-Duynstee, Patricia
2020Patients’ and parents’ perspectives of and experiences with assessing nursing students’ paediatric clinical practiceBalasa, Rebecca; Chartrand, Julie; Moreau, Katherine; Tousignant, Kelley; Eady, Kaylee
2013Interventions for Indigenous Peoples Making Health Decisions: A Systematic ReviewJull, Janet; Crispo, James; Welch, Vivian; MacDonald, Heather; Brascoupe, Simon; Boyer, Yvonne; Stacey, Dawn
2017Beyond solicitousness: A comprehensive review on informal pain-related social supportBernardes, Sónia; Forgeron, Paula; Fournier, Karine; Reszel, Jessica
2018Transition à la pratique infirmière : Adaptation et validation transculturelle des outils Casey-FinkLamont, Michelle; Dagenais, Gabrielle; Lalonde, Michelle; Vanderspank, Brandi
2014-10Measuring the effectiveness of mentoring as a knowledge translation intervention for implementing empirical evidence: a systematic reviewAbdullah, Ghadah; Rossy, Dianne; Ploeg, Jenny; Davies, Barbara; Higuchi, Kathryn; Sikora, Lindsey; Stacey, Dawn
2015-04-15Delirium as letting go: an ethnographic analysis of hospice care and family moral experienceWright, David Kenneth; Brajtman, Susan; Cragg, Betty; Macdonald, Mary Ellen
2012Treatment adherence redefined: a critical analysis of technotherapeuticsGagnon, Marilou; Jacob, Jean Daniel; Guta, Adrian
2013-04-29Nondisclosure prosecutions and population health outcomes: examining HIV testing, HIV diagnoses, and the attitudes of men who have sex with men following nondisclosure prosecution media releases in Ottawa, CanadaO’Byrne, Patrick; Willmore, Jacqueline; Bryan, Alyssa; Friedman, Dara S.; Hendriks, Andrew; Horvath, Cynthia; Massenat, Dominique; Bouchard, Christiane; Remis, Robert S.; Etches, Vera
2012Mining the Management Literature for Insights into Implementing Evidence-Based Change in HealthcareHarlos, Karen; Tetroe, Jacqueline; Graham, Ian D.; Bird, Madeleine; Robinson, Nicole
2012Exploring how IBCLCs manage ethical dilemmas: a qualitative studyNoel-Weiss, Joy; Cragg, Betty; Woodend, A Kirsten
2012Questioning current definitions for breastfeeding researchNoel-Weiss, Joy; Boersma, Sonya; Kujawa-Myles, Sonya
2013-03-05Chez nous, c'est chez toi: une étude exploratoire sur le VIH et le logement au Québec. Rapport illustré.Laperrière, Hélène; Zúñiga, Ricardo; Aylestock, Jacques
2012Mapping HIV Community Viral Load: Space, Power and the Government of BodiesGagnon, Marilou; Guta, Adrian
2011Drug Use as Boundary Play: A Qualitative Exploration of Gay Circuit PartiesO'Byrne, Patrick; Holmes, Dave
2011The Caregiving Relationship and Quality of Life Among Partners of Stroke Survivors: A Cross-Sectional StudyMcPherson, Christine J.; Wilson, Keith G,; Chyurlia, Livia; Leclerc, Charles
2011-12-05Criminal Law and Public Health Practice: Are the Canadian HIV Disclosure Laws an Effective HIV Prevention Strategy?O'Byrne, Patrick
2011-10-31An Observational Study of Associations Among Maternal Fluids During Parturition, Neonatal Output, and Breastfed Newborn Weight LossNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Peterson, Wendy E.; Gibb, William; Groll, Dianne L.
2011-10-31Iatrogenic Newborn Weight Loss: Knowledge Translation Using a Study Protocol for Your Maternity SettingNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Groll, Dianne L.
2010Case studies: Facilitating Interprofessional Education in the Rural Health Care SettingCragg, Betty; Jelley, Wilma; Johnstone, Brigitte; Hirsh, Michael; Barnes, Peter; Anderson, Judith; Rural Interprofessional Clinical Education (RICE)