Deterministic computations in time-varying graphs: Broadcasting under unstructured mobility

Title: Deterministic computations in time-varying graphs: Broadcasting under unstructured mobility
Authors: Casteigts, Arnaud
Flocchini, Paola
Mans, Bernard
Santoro, Nicola
Date: 2010-05-07T13:06:28Z
Abstract: Most highly dynamic infrastructure-less networks have in common that the assumption of connectivity does not necessarily hold at a given instant. Still, communication routes can be available between any pair of nodes over time and space. These networks (variously called delay-tolerant, disruptive-tolerant, challenged) are naturally modeled as time-varying graphs (or evolving graphs), where the existence of an edge is a function of time. The existing theoretical research on these networks and graphs has focused on probabilistic assumptions and analysis. The few deterministic results have been restricted to the well structured mobility patterns described by the class of periodically-varying graphs. In this paper we study deterministic computations under unstructured mobility, that is when the edges of the graph appear infinitely often but without any (known) pattern. In particular, we focus on the problem of broadcasting with termination detection. We explore the problem with respect to three possible metrics: the date of message arrival (foremost), the time spent doing the broadcast (fastest), and the number of hops used by the broadcast (shortest). We prove that the solvability and complexity of this problem vary with the metric considered, as well as with the type of knowledge a priori available to the entities. These results draw a complete computability map for this problem when mobility is unstructured.
CollectionScience informatique et génie électrique - Publications // Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Publications