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2021Bibliometric Analysis of Neurology Articles Published in General Medicine JournalsWilson, Mitch; Sampson, Margaret; Barrowman, Nick; Doja, Asif
2018Hemifacial Spasm in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome)Karir, Aneesh; Geraghty, Michael; Vassilyadi, Michael; Doja, Asif
2017-03-17Exploring Trainees' Needs in order to Develop a Training Program in Neonatal ResuscitationBen Fadel, Nadya; Moore, Gregory; Lawrence, Sarah L; Daboval, Thierry; Ferretti, Emanuela; Rouvinez-Bouali, Nicole
2016-03-21An Evaluation of a Gentamicin Dosing Protocol in the Treatment of Bacterial Infections in NeonatesPonnuthurai, Johanna; Varughese, Nisha; Laframboise, Claire; Lauzon, Léna; Pouliot, Annie; Lemyre, Brigitte
2013Growth curves in short supply: a descriptive study of the availability and utility of growth curve data in adolescents with eating disordersHarrison, Megan E; Obeid, Nicole; Fu, Maeghan C Y; Norris, Mark L
2013-06-27Accuracy of physical examination versus ultrasound in the detection of hepatosplenomegaly at diagnosis of pediatric leukemiaCyr, Janelle; Johnston, Donna L.
2013-05-29The association between accelerometer-measured patterns of sedentary time and health risk in children and youth: results from the Canadian Health Measures SurveyColley, Rachel C; Garriguet, Didier; Janssen, Ian; Wong, Suzy L; Saunders, Travis J; Carson, Valerie; Tremblay, Mark S
2012-08-24Mental Work Stimulates Cardiovascular Responses through a Reduction in Cardiac Parasympathetic Modulation in Men and WomenPérusse-Lachance, Emilie; Tremblay, Angelo; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Poirier, Paul; Teasdale, Normand; Drapeau, Vicky; Sénécal, Caroline; Brassard, Patrice
2012-08-24A case of a young girl with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), dysmorphic features, short stature, and developmental delay – Is there a link?Parker, Torrey M.; Bassal, Mylene; Klaassen, Robert; Nikkel, Sarah M.; Cada, Michaela; Johnston, Donna L.
2011IRES-mediated Translation of Cellular Messenger RNA Operates in eIF2α- independent Manner during StressThakor, Nehal; Holcik, Martin
2011-06-21How Strong are Passwords Used to Protect Personal Health Information in Clinical Trials?El Emam, Khaled; Moreau, Katherine; Jonker, Elizabeth
2008A replicated survey of IT software project failuresEl Emam, Khaled; Koru, A. Günes
2008Heuristics for de-identifying health dataEl Emam, Khaled
2009Privacy interests in prescription data, part I: Prescriber privacyKosseim, Patricia; El Emam, Khaled
2009Privacy interests in prescription data, part 2: Patient privacyEl Emam, Khaled; Kosseim, Patricia
2010-07-14T15:58:00ZThe theory of relative dependency: Higher coupling concentration in smaller modulesKoru, A. Günes; El Emam, Khaled
2010-05-13T19:25:33ZThe inadvertent disclosure of personal health information through peer-to-peer file sharing programsEl Emam, Khaled; Neri, Emilio; Jonker, Elizabeth; Sokolova, Marina; Peyton, Liam; Neisa, Angelica; Scassa, Teresa
2006Who’s using PDAs? Estimates of PDA use by health care providers: A systematic review of surveysGarritty, Chantelle; El Emam, Khaled
2006Evaluating common de-identification heuristics for personal health informationEl Emam, Khaled; Jabbouri, Sam; Sams, Scott; Drouet, Youenn; Power, Michael
2007A survey of quality assurance practices in biomedical open source software projectsKoru, Günes; El Emam, Khaled; Neisa, Angelica; Umarji, Medha