Asymmetrical hybridities: Youths at francophone games in Canada

Title: Asymmetrical hybridities: Youths at francophone games in Canada
Authors: Dallaire, Christine
Denis, Claude
Date: 2005
Abstract: The purpose of this ethnographic comparative study of the Jeux de l’Acadie, the Jeux franco-ontariens and the Alberta Francophone Games is to explore further how minority youth identities are produced and manifested in Canada’s francophonies. Through interviews, drawings and questionnaires adolescents express and give meaning to their francophoneness in the context of the Games. The analysis reveals that francophone identities are reproduced as a component of hybrid identities. This hybridity refers to youths’ integration of once distinct francophone and anglophone cultural identities into a “hybrid” identity. This paper examines the different configurations of these hybrid cultural and linguistic identities, where some youths spontaneously and mostly live in French but insist on their hybridity, while other youths perform predominantly as anglophones but remain attached to their francophoneness. Indeed, Acadian youths primarily perform a singular francophone identity while Franco-Ontarian and Alberta francophone youths manifest a rather complex and asymmetrical mélange of francophoneness and anglophoneness.
CollectionSciences de l’activité physique - Publications // Human Kinetics - Publications