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2011-06-21Human Papillomavirus Infection and Anxiety: Analyses in Women with Low-Grade Cervical Cytological Abnormalities Unaware of Their Infection StatusJohnson, Candice Y.; Sharp, Linda; Cotton, Seonaidh C.; Harris, Cheryl A.; Gray, Nicola M.; Little, Julian
2016Stressful life events during pregnancy and offspring depression: evidence from a prospective cohort studyKingsbury, Mila; Weeks, Murray; MacKinnon, Nathalie; Evans, Jonathan; Mahedy, Liam; Colman, Ian
2016Developmental pathways linking childhood and adolescent internalizing, externalizing, academic competence, and adolescent depressionWeeks, Murray; Ploubidis, George; Cairney, John; Wild, Cameron; Naicker, Kiyuri; Colman, Ian
2017Predictors of suicidal behaviors in Canadian adolescents with no recent history of depressionWeeks, Murray; Colman, Ian
2014Early-life predictors of internalizing symptom trajectories in Canadian childrenWeeks, Murray; Cairney, John; Wild, Cameron; Ploubidis, George; Naicker, Kiyuri; Colman, Ian
2014Childhood cognitive ability and its relationship with anxiety and depression in adolescenceWeeks, Murry; Cameron, Wild; Ploubidis, George; Naicker, Kiyuri; Cairney, John; North, Rebecca; Colman, Ian
2013Association between exposure to suicide and suicidality outcomes in youthSwanson, Sonja; Colman, Ian
2020Risk of thrombosis and major bleeding in JAK2-positive myeloproliferative neoplasm patients receiving low-dose aspirin: a systematic review and meta-analysisKimpton, Miriam; Delluc, Aurelien; Fergusson, Dean; Carrier, Marc
2016-06-11Child abuse and the prevalence of suicide attempts among those reporting suicide ideationMartin, Michael S; Dykxhoorn, Jennifer; Afifi, Tracie O; Colman, Ian
2019RecoverNow: A mobile tablet-based therapy platform for early stroke rehabilitation - raw dataPugliese, Michael; Ramsay, Tim; Shamloul, Rany; Mallet, Karen; Zakutney, Lise; Corbett, Dale; Dukelow, Sean; Stotts, Grant; Shamy, Michel; Wilson, Kumanan; Guerinet, Julien; Dowlatshahi, Dar