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2-Jul-2013Achieving the “triple aim” for inborn errors of metabolism: a review of challenges to outcomes research and presentation of a new practice-based evidence frameworkPotter, Beth K.; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Kronick, Jonathan B.; Wilson, Kumanan; Coyle, Doug; Feigenbaum, Annette; Geraghty, Michael T.; Karaceper, Maria D.; Little, Julian; Mhanni, Aizeddin; Mitchell, John J.; Siriwardena, Komudi; Wilson, Brenda J.; Syrowatka, Ania
2009Biopsy and selective recall compared with immediate large loop excision in management of women with low grade abnormal cervical cytology referred for colposcopy: Multicentre randomised controlled trialLittle, Julian; TOMBOLA Group
11-Jun-2016Child abuse and the prevalence of suicide attempts among those reporting suicide ideationMartin, Michael S; Dykxhoorn, Jennifer; Afifi, Tracie O; Colman, Ian
2009Clinical obligations and public health programmes: Healthcare provider reasoning about managing the incidental results of newborn screeningMiller, F.A.; Hayeems, R.Z.; Bombard, Y.; Little, Julian; Carroll, J.C.; Wilson, Brenda; Allanson, J.; Paynter, M.; Bytautas, J.P.; Christensen, R.; Chakraborty, P.
2009Cytological surveillance compared with immediate referral for colposcopy in management of women with low grade cervical abnormalities: Multicentre randomised controlled trialLittle, Julian; TOMBOLA Group
21-Jun-2011Human Papillomavirus Infection and Anxiety: Analyses in Women with Low-Grade Cervical Cytological Abnormalities Unaware of Their Infection StatusJohnson, Candice Y.; Sharp, Linda; Cotton, Seonaidh C.; Harris, Cheryl A.; Gray, Nicola M.; Little, Julian
2012Interrogating scarcity: how to think about ‘resource-scarce settings’Schrecker, Ted
2009Labor Markets, Equity, and Social Determinants of HealthSchrecker, Ted
8-Nov-2013Mental health screening tools in correctional institutions: a systematic reviewMartin, Michael S; Colman, Ian; Simpson, Alexander IF; McKenzie, Kwame
11-Jan-2017Mobile tablet-based therapies following stroke: a scoping review of attempted interventions and the challenges encounteredPugliese, Michael; Johnson, Dylan; Dowlatshahi, Dar; Ramsay, Tim
6-Jun-2012Multiple crises and global health: New and necessary frontiers of health politicsSchrecker, Ted
2009Options for managing low grade cervical abnormalities detected at screening: Cost effectiveness studyLittle, Julian; TOMBOLA Group
29-May-2013Pituitary hyperplasia: a complication of the pseudomalabsorption of thyroxineDoyle, Mary-Anne; Lochnan, Heather A
2011Priorities for research on equity and health: towards an equity-focused health research agendaÖstlin, Piroska; Schrecker, Ted; Sadana, Ritu; Bonnefoy, Josiane; Gilson, Lucy; Hertzman, Clyde; Kelly, Michael P.; Kjellstrom, Tord; Labonté, Ronald; Lundberg, Olle; Muntaner, Carles; Popay, Jennie; Sen, Gita; Vaghri, Ziba
2009STrengthening the REporting of Genetic Association studies (STREGA) – An extension of the STROBE StatementLittle, Julian; Moher, David; Hutchings, Kim; Johnson, Candice Y.; Tait, Valerie; Wiens, Miriam; Birkett, Nick
2009Systematic reviews of genetic association studiesSagoo, Gurdeep S.; Little, Julian; Higgins, Julian P.T.
30-Apr-2013The contribution of stress to the comorbidity of migraine and major depression: results from a prospective cohort studySwanson, Sonja A.; Zeng, Yiye; Weeks, Murray; Colman, Ian
2014The predictive validity of the Depression Hopelessness Suicide screening form for self-harm among prisonersMartin, Michael S; Dorken, Shannon K; Simpson, Alexander IF; McKenzie, Kwame; Colman, Ian
2007United Kingdom cervical cancer screening and the costs of time and travelWoolley, Claire; Philips, Zoë; Whynes, David K.; Cotton, Seonaidh C.; Gray, Nicola M.; Sharp, Linda; Little, Julian; Waugh, Norman R.
22-Apr-2010Vitamin D status of Canadians as measured in the 2007 to 2009 Canadian Health Measures SurveyLanglois, Kellie; Green-Finestone, Linda; Little, Julian; Hidiroglou, Nick; Whiting, Susan
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