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2016-10-11Effectiveness of Free, Prior and Informed Consultation Processes in Latin American Extractive Industries: Implications for the Indigenous PopulationsStevens, Jodie; Rahman, Syed Sajjadur
2016-10-11Guiding Principles for a New Education Accord to Support Aboriginal StudentsDupont, Denise; Pendakur, Ravi
2016-10-14Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Strengths and Weaknesses for Sustainable Development and Resource Governance in Sub-Saharan AfricaHeffernan, Andrew; Abrahamsen, Rita
2016-10-14Strategies for Managing Government Microblogs:A Critical Study of 29 Provincial Weibos in ChinaHou, Runtian; Zhang, Yongjing
2016-06-22Diplomacy and the Mythology of the State: A study of Canada-Taiwan relations and the State concept in anthropologyForest, Achille
2016-10-14Analyse de l’impact potentiel du mécanisme de règlement des différends entre les investisseurs et les États de l’Accord économique et commercial global sur l’environnement au CanadaBabou, Winnie; Leblond, Patrick
2016-10-14The Boko Haram Insurgency - Driving Factors Behind the Existence of the Boko Haram Group in NigeriaÀrendàs, Qurat Ul Ain; Abrahamsen, Rita
2016-10-14Learning to be Green: A Study of the Olympic GamesAshton, Natalie; Liston-Heyes, Catherine
2016-01-19Don’t Move Me There! Promoting Autonomy in the Provision of Long-term Care for Seniors in CanadaMcGinn, Lindsay; Straehle, Christine
2016-12Relationship Between Foreign Aid and Night Lights DataWan, Jean-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel