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2013Place of Birth, Location of Study and Immigrants' Relative EarningsGao, Jingwen; Grenier, Gilles
2013-09-04L'architecture de défense Nord-Américaine: le Nord à l'ère du terrorisme et des menaces asymétriquesVoyer, Henri; Grondin, David
2013-10-01L’austérité et la crise européenne: Une analyse de l’austérité et de l’évolution des programmes d’ajustement en GrèceJacques, Marie-Christine; Leblond, Patrick
2013-10-21The Hollow Ring of Donor Commitment: Country Concentration and the Decoupling of Aid-Effectiveness Norms from Donor PracticeBrown, Stephen; Swiss, Liam
2013-09-27Enhancing State Stability in New Democracies Through Political PartiesDe Sousa, Adam; Zuercher, Christoph
2013-10-17Le Rwanda et le VIH chez les filles: de la vulnérabilité à l’infection.Mukankusi, Florida; Lévesque, Maurice
2013-08-12Administration of neuropsychological tests using interactive voice response technology in the elderly: validation and limitationsMiller, Delyana Ivanova; Talbot, Vincent; Gagnon, Michèle; Messier, Claude
2013-07-11Analyzing the “Distinctive Characteristics” of the Chinese Environmental Non- Governmental Organizations [ENOGs] through the Framework of Michael Foucault’s GovernmentalityJi, Tuo (Janet); Williams, Michael
2013Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government's use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong , Ashley; Flórez-Malagón, Alberto
2013-12-05Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government’s use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong, Ashley; Flòrez-Malagòn, Alberto