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20102001 Immigrant Home Ownership Patterns in Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas: A Comparison with Non-ImmigrantsWei, Qing hong
2007A Study on the Effect of Demogracy on Air PoluttionBakhache, Reina s.
2008A Behavioural Finance model of exchange rate expectations within a stock-flow consistent frameworkDaigle, Gauthier
19-sep-2013"A Bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush" Canada's Equalization System and the Natural Resource Dilemma: A Review and Reform ProposalUdakandage, Savithri
13-mai-2013A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Immigrant Language Programs: Lessons for Canada in Securing Better Employment Outcomes?Jackson, Zenetha
2000A comparison of the Earnings of Immigrants in Canada, United States, Australia and GermanyKabrelyan, Dimitry
2009A comparison of Wicksell, the New Consensus, the Neo-Wicksellians, and the Post Keynesians with Respect to Inflation Targeting PolicyLee, Yong-bok
1997A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Laos Nam Theun Two ProjectSuyavong, Bounnakhone J.
1994A Critical Analysis of the Post-Keynesian Model of Firm Behaviour in Determining Business Fixed InvestmentOkolie, Anthony a.
1995A Demographic and Economic Model of the Canadian Immigration PlanYik, Chun wai
1998A Feminist Dialogic Study of Muslim Feminist HermeneuticsGariepy, Carol
10-sep-2015A Game of Coins: The Digitization of Money and the Regulation of Virtual CurrenciesIdebdou, Nassiba
2012A Gathering of Wise Statesmen: The Universal Periodic Review and Canada’s human rights recordCook, Graeme
30-avr-2015A Gender Analysis of International Organisations’ and NGOs’ Policies and Program Guidance With Respect to the Reintegration of Child SoldiersLloyd, Katie
2002A general equilibrium investigation of labour shortage in the health care sector in the context on an agingLan, Yu
2004A Hedonic Regression Model for RefrigeratorsErdur, Serra
2004A Literature Survey on Ageing, Earning and ProductivityWang, Chen
2005A New Approach to Fiscal Federalism in ChinaXu, Ting
2012A new tool for monitoring (child) poverty: measures of cumulative deprivationNotten, Geranda; Roelen, Keetie
2000A note of the Dice ModelButtet, Sébastien
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