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Mineralogy and origin of oxygen-bearing platinum-iron grains based on an X-ray absorption spectroscopy study 746
Root and nodule quantification software (RNQS) 467
Heavy metal phytoremediation from a meta-analytical perspective 457
Microbial community structure of three traditional zambian fermented products: mabisi, chibwantu and munkoyo 437
Blending Bayesian and frequentist methods according to the precision of prior information with applications to hypothesis testing 379
A note on fiducial model averaging as an alternative to checking Bayesian and frequentist models 351
A prior-free framework of coherent inference and its derivation of simple shrinkage estimators 319
Programs for leaf shape analysis 317
ClusterMine360: a database of microbial PKS/NRPS biosynthesis 274
Empirical Bayes and fiducial effect-size estimation for small numbers of tests 274

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