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2010-04-20T19:21:03ZA solid-state 11B NMR and computational study of boron electric field gradient and chemical shift tensors in boronic acids and boronic estersWeiss, Joseph W.E.; Bryce, David L.
2010-06-21T18:55:48ZIdentification of constraining experimental-design factors in mycorrhizal pot-growth studiesAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
2010-08-25T12:44:56ZRegulation of thyroid hormone-, oestrogen- and androgen-related genes by triiodothyronine in the brain of Silurana tropicalisTrudeau, Vance L.; Duarte-Guterman, Paula
2010-11-26T21:25:20ZDetermining the Impact of the AM-Mycorrhizosphere on “Dwarf” Sunflower Zn Uptake and Soil-Zn BioavailabilityAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
2010-08-30T15:00:18ZMineralogy and origin of oxygen-bearing platinum-iron grains based on an X-ray absorption spectroscopy studyHattori, Keiko; Takahashi, Yoshio; Augé, Thierry
2010-08-30T17:09:11ZRapid dopaminergic modulation of the fish hypothalamic transcriptome and proteomeMartyniuk, Christopher J.; Denslow, Nancy D.; Trudeau, Vance L.
2010-08-30T17:42:13ZHormonal induction of spawning in 4 species of frogs by coinjection with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and a dopamine antagonistTrudeau, Vance L.; Somoza, Gustavo M.; Natale, Guillermo S.; Pauli, Bruce; Wignall, Jacqui; Jackman, Paula; Doe, Ken; Schueler, Fredrick W.
2010-10-28T19:52:45ZCalcium binding environments probed by 43Ca NMR spectroscopyBryce, David L.
2010-08-30T13:55:28ZEigenvalue and entropy statistics for products of conjugate random quantum channelsNechita, Ion; Collins, Benoît
2010A general model of codon bias due to GC mutational biasXia, Xuhua; Perkins, Theodore J.; Palidwor, Gareth A.