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20125S rRNA Gene Arrangements in Protists: A Case of Nonadaptive EvolutionDrouin, Guy; Tsang, Corey
31-déc-2014A fiducial continuum from confidence sets to empirical Bayes set estimates as the number of comparisons increasesBickel, David R.
2010A general model of codon bias due to GC mutational biasXia, Xuhua; Perkins, Theodore J.; Palidwor, Gareth A.
5-déc-2013A microscale anisotropic biaxial cell stretching device for applications in mechanobiologyTremblay, Dominique; Chagnon-Lessard, Sophie; Mirzaei, Maryam; Pelling, Andrew E.; Godin, Michel
7-mai-2015A note on fiducial model averaging as an alternative to checking Bayesian and frequentist modelsBickel, David R.
23-jui-2012A prior-free framework of coherent inference and its derivation of simple shrinkage estimatorsBickel, David R.
20-avr-2010A solid-state 11B NMR and computational study of boron electric field gradient and chemical shift tensors in boronic acids and boronic estersWeiss, Joseph W.E.; Bryce, David L.
2008Allocation plasticity and plant–metal partitioning: Meta-analytical perspectives in phytoremediationAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
24-aoû-2012Antagonistic interactions peak at intermediate genetic distance in clinical and laboratory strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosaSchoustra, Sijmen E; Dench, Jonathan; Dali, Rola; Aaron, Shawn D; Kassen, Rees
31-déc-2015Bayesian revision of a prior given prior-data conflict, expert opinion, or a similar insight: A large-deviation approachBickel, David R.
30-jui-2012Blending Bayesian and frequentist methods according to the precision of prior information with applications to hypothesis testingBickel, David R.
28-oct-2010Calcium binding environments probed by 43Ca NMR spectroscopyBryce, David L.
2012Characterizing the cytoprotective activity of Sarracenia purpurea L., a medicinal plant that inhibits glucotoxicity in PC12 cellsHarris, Cory S; Asim, Muhammad; Saleem, Ammar; Haddad, Pierre S; Arnason, John T; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2012ClusterMine360: a database of microbial PKS/NRPS biosynthesisConway, Kyle R; Boddy, Christopher N
10-aoû-2012Coding conspecific identity and motion in the electric senseYu, Na; Hupé, Ginette; Garfinkle, Charles; Lewis, John E.; Longtin, André
27-jan-2014Comparative dynamics and distribution of influenza drug resistance acquisition to protein M2 and neuraminidase inhibitorsGarcia, Vanessa; Aris-Brosou, Stephane
30-déc-2016Computable priors sharpened into Occam's razorsBickel, David R.
17-oct-2011Conserved Meiotic Machinery in Glomus spp., a Putatively Ancient Asexual Fungal LineageHalary, Sébastien; Malik, Shehre-Banoo; Lildhar, Levannia; Slamovits, Claudio H.; Hijri, Mohamed; Corradi, Nicolas
2009Contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis to in vitro root metal uptake: from trace to toxic metal conditionsAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
17-aoû-2016Control of lithospheric inheritance on neotectonic activity in northwestern Canada?Audet, Pascal; Christian, Sole; Andrew, Schaeffer
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