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2011-05-25Performance Feedback: An Exploratory Study to Examine the Acceptability and Impact for Interdisciplinary Primary Care TeamsJohnston, Sharon; Green, Michael; Thille, Patricia; Savage, Colleen; Roberts, Lynn; Russell, Grant; Hogg, William
2011Sympathetic nervous dysregulation in the absence of systolic left ventricular dysfunction in a rat model of insulin resistance with hyperglycemiaDaSilva, Jean N; Thackeray, James T; Radziuk, Jerry; Harper, Mary-Ellen; Suuronen, Erik J; Ascah, Kathryn J; Beanlands, Rob S,
2010-11-25T18:51:35ZLife in the big city: The multiple vulnerabilities of migrant Cambodian garment factory workers to HIVWebber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Graham, Ian D.; Amaratunga, Carol; Keane, Vincent; Socheat, Ros
2016Faster Access, Better Care: A Guide to Establishing an eConsult ServiceLiddy, Clare; Keely, Erin; Afkham, Amir
2010-08-26T18:54:24ZSexual and reproductive health issues facing Southeast Asian beer promoters: a qualitative pilot studyWebber, Gail C.; Spitzer, Denise L
2010Barriers and facilitators to recruitment of physicians and practices for primary care health services research at one centreGyorfi-Dyke, Elizabeth; Russell, Grant; Donskov, Melissa; Hogg, William; Liddy, Clare; Johnston, Sharon
2010-11-05T13:22:53ZKnowledge and views regarding condom use among female garment factory workers in CambodiaWebber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Amaratunga, Carol; Graham, Ian D.; Keane, Vincent; Ros, Socheat
2013-06-07Chronic Care Model Decision Support and Clinical Information Systems Interventions for People Living with HIV: A Systematic ReviewPasricha, Anjori; Deinstadt, Roo T. M.; Moher, David; Killoran, Amanda; Rourke, Sean B.; Kendall, Claire E.
2012-06-28How many patients should a family physician have? Factors to consider in answering a deceptively simple questionMuldoon, Laura; Dahrouge, Simone; Russell, Grant; Hogg, William; Ward, Natalie
2012-06-28A cost-consequences analysis of a primary care librarian question and answering serviceMcGowan, Jessie; Hogg, William; Zhong, Jianwei; Zhao, Xue