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2022Probabilistic description of short-term cloud dynamics from rapid sampling of the solar spectral irradianceAnderson, Nick; Tatsiankou, Viktar; Hinzer, Karin; Beal, Richard M.; Schriemer, Henry P.
2022Height distributions of uncapped InAs/InGaAsP/InP quantum dashes and their effect on emission wavelengthsObhi, Ras-Jeevan K.; Schaefer, Sebastian W.; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Poole, Philip J.; Liu, Jiaren; Lu, Zhenguo; Hinzer, Karin
2022Impact of reflective torque tube on rear side irradiance in bifacial photovoltaic modulesCoathup, Trevor J.; Lewis, Mandy R.; Russell, Annie C. J.; Conesa, Alejandro; Guerrero-Perez, Javier; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Hinzer, Karin
2021Responding to Illegal Activities Along the Canadian Coastlines Using Reinforcement LearningAbouheaf, Mohammed; Qu, Shuzheng; Gueaieb, Wail; Abielmona, Rami; Harb, Moufid
2021Umple User ManualLethbridge, Timothy
2020Trajectory Tracking of Underactuated Sea Vessels With Uncertain Dynamics: An Integral Reinforcement Learning ApproachAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Miah, Md Suruz; Spinello, Davide
2020Data-Driven Optimized Tracking Control Heuristic for MIMO Structures: A Balance System Case StudyWang, Ning; Abouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2018Model-Free Gradient-Based Adaptive Learning Controller for an Unmanned Flexible Wing AircraftAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Lewis, Frank
2020Model-Free Optimized Tracking Control HeuristicWang, Ning; Abouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Nahas, Nabil
2020Online Multi-Objective Model-Independent Adaptive Tracking Mechanism for Dynamical SystemsAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Spinello, Davide
2019Online Model-Free Controller for Flexible Wing Aircraft: a Policy Iteration-Based Reinforcement Learning ApproachAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2020Online Modelā€Free Reinforcement Learning for the Automatic Control of a Flexible Wing AircraftAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Lewis, Frank
2020Guidance Mechanism for Flexible Wing Aircraft Using Measurement-Interfaced Machine Learning PlatformAbouheaf, Mohammed; Mailhot, Nathaniel; Gueaieb, Wail; Spinello, Davide
2018Towards Goal-oriented Process MiningGhasemi, Mahdi
2018Model-Free Value Iteration Solution for Dynamic Graphical GamesAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2018Reinforcement Learning Solution with Costate Approximation for a Flexible Wing AircraftAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2017Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Approach Based on Reduced Value Function ApproximationsAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2017Flocking Motion Control for a System of Nonholonomic VehiclesAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2018Model-Free Adaptive Learning Control Scheme for Wind Turbines with Doubly Fed Induction GeneratorsAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Sharaf, Adel
2018What Requirements Engineering can Learn from Process MiningGhasemi, Mahdi