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2018Towards Goal-oriented Process MiningGhasemi, Mahdi
2018Model-Free Value Iteration Solution for Dynamic Graphical GamesAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2018Reinforcement Learning Solution with Costate Approximation for a Flexible Wing AircraftAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2017Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Approach Based on Reduced Value Function ApproximationsAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2017Flocking Motion Control for a System of Nonholonomic VehiclesAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail
2018Model-Free Adaptive Learning Control Scheme for Wind Turbines with Doubly Fed Induction GeneratorsAbouheaf, Mohammed; Gueaieb, Wail; Sharaf, Adel
2018What Requirements Engineering can Learn from Process MiningGhasemi, Mahdi
2017Technical Evaluation of HoloLens for Multimedia: A First LookLiu, Yang; Dong, Haiwei; Zhang, Longyu; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2017A Decision-Making Model for Ethical (Ro)botsAlaieri, Fahad; Vellino, Andre
2017A Review on the Contribution of Emergency Department Simulation Studies in Reducing Wait TimeAlmoaber, Basmah; Amyot, Daniel
2017Barriers to Successful Health Information Exchange Systems in Canada and the USA: A Systematic ReviewAlmoaber, Basmah; Amyot, Daniel
2017Optimal Control for the Trajectory Planning of Micro AirshipsBlouin, Charles; Lanteigne, Eric; Gueaieb, Wail
2012-08-09Performance Evaluation of an InductionMachine with Auxiliary Winding forWind Turbine PowerHabash, Riadh; Qianjun, Tang; Guillemette, Pierre; Irfan, Nazish
2014-12-10Sustainable Design of a Nearly Zero Energy Building Facilitated by a Smart MicrogridHabash, Gandhi; Chapotchkine, Daniel; Fisher, Peter; Rancourt, Alec; Habash, Riadh; Norris, Will
2011-03-21Performance of a Contrarotating Small Wind Energy ConverterHabash, Riadh
2017-10A High-Fidelity Energy Efficient Path Planner for Unmanned AirshipsRecoskie, Steven; Lanteigne, Eric; Gueaieb, Wail
2016Process Mining in Healthcare: A Systematised Literature ReviewGhasemi, Mahdi; Amyot, Daniel
2015-12A Model for the Omnidirectional Acquisition and Rendering of Stereoscopic Images for Human ViewingGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
2015-09Improvements in the Visualization of Stereoscopic 3D ImageryGurrieri, Luis E.
2017-05pvFPGA: paravirtualising an FPGA-based hardware accelerator towards general purpose computingWei, Wang; Miodrag, Bolic; Jonathan, Parri