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2014-12-13Learning curve analysis of concentrated photovoltaic systemsHaysom, Joan E.; Jafarieh, Omid; Anis, Hanan; Hinzer, Karin; Wright, David
2015-07-25Impact of electricity tariffs on optimal orientation of photovoltaic modulesHaysom, Joan E.; Hinzer, Karin; Wright, David
2015-08-05Analysis of Present and Future Financial Viability of High-Concentrating Photovoltaic ProjectsTomosk, Steve; Wright, David; Hinzer, Karin; Haysom, Joan E.
2015-10-12Luminescent coupling in planar opto-electronic devicesWilkins, Matthew; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Gabr, Ahmed M.; Masson, Denis; Fafard, Simon; Hinzer, Karin
2017-01-12Concentrating optical system optimization for 3- and 4-junction solar cells: impact of illumination profilesSharma, Pratibha; Wilkins, Matthew; Schriemer, Henry; Hinzer, Karin
2015Optimization of a four junction solar cell CPV system using ray tracing and SPICE modelingSharma, Pratibha; Wilkins, Matthew; Schriemer, Henry; Hinzer, Karin
2022Height distributions of uncapped InAs/InGaAsP/InP quantum dashes and their effect on emission wavelengthsObhi, Ras-Jeevan K.; Schaefer, Sebastian W.; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Poole, Philip J.; Liu, Jiaren; Lu, Zhenguo; Hinzer, Karin
2022Impact of reflective torque tube on rear side irradiance in bifacial photovoltaic modulesCoathup, Trevor J.; Lewis, Mandy R.; Russell, Annie C. J.; Conesa, Alejandro; Guerrero-Perez, Javier; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Hinzer, Karin
2022Probabilistic description of short-term cloud dynamics from rapid sampling of the solar spectral irradianceAnderson, Nick; Tatsiankou, Viktar; Hinzer, Karin; Beal, Richard M.; Schriemer, Henry P.
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