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2010-08-30T15:33:21ZElectrospun biocomposite polycaprolactone/collagen tubes as scaffolds for neural stem cell differentiationHackett, Joanne M.; Dang, ThucNhi T.; Tsai, Eve C.; Cao, Xudong
2010-11-04T19:07:50ZA simplified design of the staggered herringbone micromixer for practical applicationsDu, Yan; Zhang, Zhiyi; Yim, ChaeHo; Lin, Min; Cao, Xudong
2012-04-10A Systematic Review and Assessment of Aspect-oriented Methods Applied to Business Process AdaptationPourshahid, Alireza; Amyot, Daniel; Shamsaei, Azalia; Mussbacher, Gunter; Weiss, Michael
2011-10-04Annotation Concept Synthesis and Enrichment Analysis: a Logic-Based Approach to the Interpretation of High-Throughput ExperimentsJiline, Mikhail; Matwin, Stan; Turcotte, Marcel
2011Optimum Alignment of Panoramic Images for Stereoscopic Navigation in Image-Based Telepresence SystemGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
2010-11-04T19:10:55ZEvaluation of floor-grooved micromixers using concentration-channel length profilesDu, Yan; Zhang, Zhiyi; Yim, ChaeHo; Lin, Min; Cao, Xudong
2013Acquisition of omnidirectional stereoscopic images and videos of dynamic scenes: a reviewGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
2017A Review on the Contribution of Emergency Department Simulation Studies in Reducing Wait TimeAlmoaber, Basmah; Amyot, Daniel
2013-03-18Stereoscopic cameras for the real-time acquisition of panoramic 3D images and videosGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
2012Object removal in multi-view images using disparity layering and piecewise homographyHo, Tan; Dansereau, Richard M.; Dubois, Eric