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2016De link tussen sportevenementen en sportparticipatie.Taks, Marijke
2018Governance in sport and the Olympic Movement: The future of mega sport events.Taks, Marijke
2016De link tussen sportevenementen en sportparticipatie.Taks, Marijke
2016The rise and fall of the mega sport events: The future is in non-mega sport events.Taks, Marijke
2022Linking sport events with sport participation and development.Taks, Marijke; Teare, Georgia
2019Economic impact of minor sporting events and minor league teams.Agha, Nola; Taks, Marijke
2019A comparison of Canadian and Belgian youth sport participation profiles.Taks, Marijke; Stevens, Julie A; Scheerder, Jeroen; Lathrop, Anna H; Bradish, Cheri L
2019Urban governance of non-mega sport events: A socio-political discourse analysis.Anderson, James; Taks, Marijke
2017Maakte Rio 2016 de Brazilianen gelukkig?Taks, Marijke; Rocha, Claudio
2016Selecting Sport Events to Serve Public Policy AgendasTaks, Marijke; Misener, Laura
2021Good sport governance and design archetypes: One size doesn’t fit allParent, Milena M.; Hoye, Russell; Taks, Marijke; Naraine, Michael L.; Séguin, Benoît
2020Can Sport Events “Service” Sport Participation?Taks, Marijke
2016Multi-functionality and occupations of sport and physical activity professionals in SpainCampos-Izquierdo, Antonio; González-Rivera, María Dolores; Taks, Marijke
2021Subjective well-being and social experiences with sport mega-events: The case of RioBodin, Kerri; Rocha, Claudio; Taks, Marijke
2016The sports labor market: An empirical comparison between Belgium and GermanyTaks, Marijke; Schubert, Manfred
2017Leveraging Charity Sport Events to Develop a Connection to a CauseGoodwin, Adam; Snelgrove, Ryan; Wood, Laura; Taks, Marijke
2017Sport participation from sport events: Why it doesn't happen?Taks, Marijke; Green, B. Chris; Misener, Laura; Chalip, Laurence
2016Sport Events and Residential Happiness: The Case of Two Non-Mega Sport EventsTaks, Marijke; Littlejohn, Meagan; Snelgrove, Ryan; Wood, Laura
2016Creating sport participation from sport events: making it happenChalip, Laurence; Green, B. Christine; Taks, Marijke; Misener, Laura
2016Coping with recession in the ski-industry: A suppliers’ and consumers’ perspectiveTaks, Marijke; Ragoen, Jona