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2015Moving Beyond the Gym: Exploring Life Skill Transfer Within a Female Physical Activity-Based Life Skills ProgramBean, Corliss; Kendellen, Kelsey; Forneris, Tanya
2016-10-08Is life skill development a by-product of sport participation? Perceptions of youth sport coachesBean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2014-11Putting program evaluation into practice: Enhancing the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun programBean, Corliss; Kendellen, Kelsey; Halsall, Tanya; Forneris, Tanya
2016-07Investigating Discrepancies in Program Quality Related to Youth Volleyball Athletes’ Needs SupportBean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya; Brunet, Jennifer
2016Re-examining the youth program quality survey as a tool to assess quality within youth programmingBean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2016Examining the importance of supporting youth’s basic needs in one youth leadership programme: a case study exploring programme qualityBean, Corliss; Harlow, Meghan; Forneris, Tanya
2019Youth Leadership Development in the Start2Finish Running & Reading ClubShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2017Start2Finish Running and Reading Club Research ReportShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2019Community stakeholders’ involvement in a train-the-trainer model to integrate trauma-informed sport programming in a national community organizationShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2018Training outcomes and program delivery: Pilot evaluation of a trauma-informed sport programShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya