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2015Cultivating focus: Insights from dedicated yoga practice and the implications for mental health and well-beingHalsall, Tanya; Werthner, Penny; Forneris, Tanya
2020Examining outdoor recreation as an approach to promote youth engagement in environmental activismHalsall, Tanya; Forneris, Tanya
2021Generating insights of cultural competency within a nationally-run trauma-sensitive sport program for Canadian newcomer childrenShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya
2019Community stakeholders’ involvement in a train-the-trainer model to integrate trauma-informed sport programming in a national community organizationShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2019Leaders’ perceptions of the value of delivering a trauma-informed sport program: A pilot studyShaikh, Majidullah; Culver, Diane; Forneris, Tanya
2021Mapping knowledge-to-action processes in the implementation of trauma-sensitive sport programming in a national youth organizationShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya
2018Training outcomes and program delivery: Pilot evaluation of a trauma-informed sport programShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2016Youth leadership in a physical activity-based positive youth development program for at-risk youthShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya
2019The experience of assessing and adapting trauma-informed sport programs in a national community organization.Shaikh, Majidullah; Bergholz, Lou; Scott, Bruce; Rojas, Maren; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2016Examining differences in needs support, satisfaction, and developmental outcomes across competitive and recreational youth sport.Shaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya