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2016Pain as the neglected patient safety concernTwycross, Alison; Forgeron, Paula; Chorne, Jill; Backman, Chantal; Finley, G Allen
2018Use of participatory visual narrative methods to explore older adults’ experiences of managing multiple chronic conditions during care transitionsBackman, Chantal; Stacey, Dawn; Crick, Michelle; Cho-Young, Danielle; Marck, Patricia B.
2020Study of a multisite prospective adverse event surveillance systemForster, Alan J; Huang, Allen; Lee, Todd C; Jennings, Alison; Choudhri, Omer; Backman, Chantal
2019Engaging patients and informal caregivers to improve safety and facilitate person- and family-centered care during transitions from hospital to home – a qualitative descriptive studyBackman, Chantal; Cho-Young, Danielle
2019Safe and effective person- and family-centered care practices during transitions from hospital to home—A web-based Delphi techniqueBackman, Chantal; Johnston, Sharon; Oelke, Nelly D.; Kovacs Burns, Katharina; Hughes, Linda; Gifford, Wendy; Lacroix, Jeanie; Forster, Alan J.
2020MyPath to Home Web-Based Application for the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program at Bruyère Continuing Care: User-Centered Design and Feasibility Testing StudyBackman, Chantal; Harley, Anne; Kuziemsky, Craig; Mercer, Jay; Peyton, Liam
2017Effectiveness of person- and family-centered care transition interventions: a systematic review protocolBackman, Chantal; Chartrand, Julie; Dingwall, Orvie; Shea, Beverley
2018Exploring the role of regulation and the care of older people with depression living in long-term care? A systematic scoping review protocolCrick, Michelle; Angus, Douglas E; Backman, Chantal
2020The role of regulation in the care of older people with depression living in long-term care: a systematic scoping reviewCrick, Michelle; Devey-Burry, Robin; Hu, Jiale; Angus, Douglas E.; Backman, Chantal
2017Breaking the Healthcare Interoperability Barrier by Empowering and Engaging Actors in the Healthcare SystemAzarm, Mana; Backman, Chantal; Kuziemsky, Craig; Peyton, Liam