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2019Youth Leadership Development in the Start2Finish Running & Reading ClubShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2021Bounce Back League evaluation report: Prepared for BGC Canada BBL CelebrationShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya
2019A scoping review of sport coach education programs: An international perspective.Shaikh, Majidullah; Santos, Yura Yuka Sato dos; Rodrigue, François; Ciampolini, Vitor; Galatti, Larissa R; Seguin, Cassandra; Brasil, Vinicius Z; He, Chao; Culver, Diane M; Nash, Christine; Milistetd, Michel; Fournier, Karine
2021Understanding coach development opportunities in disability sport: A scoping reviewCulver, Diane; Shaikh, Majidullah; Duarte, Tiago; Konoval, Tim
2020Gender equity in disability sport: A rapid scoping review of literatureCulver, Diane; Shaikh, Majidullah; Alexander, Danielle; Duarte, Tiago; Sljuka, Vincenzo; Parrott, Laura; Wrona, Darien; Fournier, Karine
2017Start2Finish Running and Reading Club Research ReportShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2019Sens Sports and Leadership League: Final research reportShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss
2021Generating insights of cultural competency within a nationally-run trauma-sensitive sport program for Canadian newcomer childrenShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya
2019Community stakeholders’ involvement in a train-the-trainer model to integrate trauma-informed sport programming in a national community organizationShaikh, Majidullah; Bean, Corliss; Forneris, Tanya
2019Leaders’ perceptions of the value of delivering a trauma-informed sport program: A pilot studyShaikh, Majidullah; Culver, Diane; Forneris, Tanya