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2014-11Putting program evaluation into practice: Enhancing the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun programBean, Corliss; Kendellen, Kelsey; Halsall, Tanya; Forneris, Tanya
2013-11-25Associations of Sedentary Behavior, Sedentary Bouts and Breaks in Sedentary Time with Cardiometabolic Risk in Children with a Family History of ObesitySaunders, Travis; Tremblay, Mark; Mathieu, Marie-Eve; Henderson, Melanie; O'Loughlin, Jennifer; Tremblay, Angelo; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2014Identification and prediction of physical activity trajectories in women treated for breast cancerBrunet, Jennifer; Amireault, Steve; Chaiton, Michael; Sabiston, Catherine M
2020Motivation predicts change in nurses' physical activity levels during a web-based worksite intervention: results from a randomized trialBrunet, Jennifer; Tulloch, Heather E; Wolfe Phillips, Emily; Reid, Robert D; Pipe, Andrew L; Reed, Jennifer L
2017The effectiveness of health care provider physical activity recommendations in cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolBrunet, Jennifer; Wurz, Amanda; O'Rielly, Connor; Howell, Doris; Bélanger, Mathieu; Sussman, Jonathan
2019Parents' participation in physical activity predicts maintenance of some, but not all, types of physical activity in offspring during early adolescence: a prospective longitudinal studyBrunet, Jennifer; Wing, Erin Katherine; Gaudet, Jeffrey; Bélanger, Mathieu
2021Work-related factors predict changes in physical activity among nurses participating in a web-based worksite intervention: a randomized controlled trialBrunet, Jennifer; Black, Melissa M; Tulloch, Heather E; Pipe, Andrew L; Reid, Robert D; Reed, Jennifer L
2021A wearable activity tracker intervention with and without weekly behavioral support emails to promote physical activity among women who are overweight or obese: a randomized controlled trialBlack, Melissa M; Brunet, Jennifer
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