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2005Individual change in methylphenidate use in a national sample of children aged 2 to 11 yearsRomano, Elisa; Baillargeon, Raymond H.; Fortier, Isabel; Wu, Hong-Xing; Robaey, Philippe; Zoccolillo, Mark; Tremblay, Richard E.
2006Petite enfance et santé émotionnelle: L'importance du dépistageBaillargeon, Raymond H.
2002Le développement cognitif des enfants de 17 mois à 29 moisBrousseau, Julie; Baillargeon, Raymond H.; Wu, Hong-Xing
2002Changement intra-individuel du comportement entre 17 mois et 29 moisBaillargeon, Raymond H.; Tremblay, Richard E.; Zoccolillo, Mark; Pérusse, Daniel; Boivin, Michel; Japel, Christa; Wu, Hong-Xing
2007Gender differences in physical aggression: A prospective population-based survey of children before and after 2 years of ageBaillargeon, Raymond H.; Zoccolillo, Mark; Keenan, Kate; Côté, Sylvana; Pérusse, Daniel; Wu, Hong-Xing; Boivin, Michel; Tremblay, Richard E.
2001Développement moteur, social et cognitif. Section II – Développement cognitifBaillargeon, Raymond H.; Brousseau, Julie; Laplante, David P.; Wu, Hong-Xing; Japel, Christa; McDuff, Pierre; Girard, Alain
2002Prevalence of hyperactivity-impulsivity and inattention among Canadian children: Findings from the first data collection cycle (1994-1995) of the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and YouthRomano, Elisa; Baillargeon, Raymond H.; Tremblay, Richard E.
1999The prevalence of physical aggression in Canadian children: A multi-group latent class analysis of data from the first collection cycle (1994-1995) of the NLSCYBaillargeon, Raymond H.; Tremblay, Richard E.; Willms, Doug
2004Modeling intraindividual change over time in the absence of a “Gold Standard”Baillargeon, Raymond H.; Tremblay, Richard E.; Willms, Doug; Lee, Kyung-Hye; Romano, Elisa; Wu, Hong-Xing
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