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2020Do welfare regimes moderate cumulative dis/advantages over the life course? Cross-national evidence from longitudinal SHARE dataSieber, S; Cheval, B; Orsholits, D; van der Linden, BWA; Guessous, I; Gabriel, R; Kliegel, M; von Arx, M; Kelly-Irving, M; Aartsen, MJ; Boisgontier, MP; Courvoisier, D; Burton-Jeangros, C; Cullati, S
2020Higher inhibitory control is required to escape the innate attraction to effort minimizationCheval, B; Daou, M; Cabral, D; Bacelar, MFB; Parma, J; Forestier, C; Orsholits, D; Sander, D; Boisgontier, MP; Miller, MW
2020Adverse childhood experiences, depressive symptoms, functional dependence, and physical activity: a moderated mediation modelBoisgontier, MP; Orsholits, D; von Arx, M; Sieber, S; Miller, MW; Courvoisier, D; Iversen, MD; Cullati, S; Cheval, B
2020Physical inactivity: a behavioral disorder in the physical therapist's scope of practiceBoisgontier, MP; Iversen, MD
2020Study of a multisite prospective adverse event surveillance systemForster, Alan J; Huang, Allen; Lee, Todd C; Jennings, Alison; Choudhri, Omer; Backman, Chantal
2020MyPath to Home Web-Based Application for the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program at Bruyère Continuing Care: User-Centered Design and Feasibility Testing StudyBackman, Chantal; Harley, Anne; Kuziemsky, Craig; Mercer, Jay; Peyton, Liam
2020The role of regulation in the care of older people with depression living in long-term care: a systematic scoping reviewCrick, Michelle; Devey-Burry, Robin; Hu, Jiale; Angus, Douglas E.; Backman, Chantal
2020Impact of a Geriatric Day Hospital Program on Older Adults’ Functional Independence and Caregiver Stress: A Non-Experimental, Single Group Pre-/Posttest StudyChung, Yung-En; Angus, Douglas E.; Backman, Chantal
2020Physically active individuals look for more: An eye‐tracking study of attentional biasCheval, B; Miller, MW; Orsholits, D; Berry, T; Sander, D; Boisgontier, MP
2021Bounce Back League evaluation report: Prepared for BGC Canada BBL CelebrationShaikh, Majidullah; Forneris, Tanya