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2010-06-02T13:56:50ZLes Jeux de la francophonie canadienne 2008: Renforcer l’appartenance francophone chez les jeunesDallaire, Christine
2012Mapping HIV Community Viral Load: Space, Power and the Government of BodiesGagnon, Marilou; Guta, Adrian
2016-11-26Comparing the Effectiveness of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) and Medical Management in end-stage Heart FailureKhalaf, Malak; Amjed, Nida
2015-12-05Cognitive Impairment Subsequent to Successful Pediatric Brain Tumour Treatment – The Long-term ImplicationsPerrault-Sequeira, Laurent; Sharify, Shahram; Deonandan, Raywat
2013-03-04Attentional Demand Varies During a Blind Navigation Pathway In Young And Older AdultsLajoie, Yves; Paquet, Nicole; Lafleur, Renée
2016Comparing physical assessment with administrative data for detecting pressure ulcers in a large Canadian academic health sciences centreBackman, Chantal; Vanderloo, Saskia E; Miller, Toba B; Freeman, Lisa; Forster, Alan J
2013-03-05Sedentary Behaviour, Visceral Fat Accumulation and Cardiometabolic Risk in Adults: A 6-Year Longitudinal Study from the Quebec Family StudySaunders, Travis J; Tremblay, Mark S; Després, Jean-Pierre; Bouchard, Claude; Tremblay, Angelo; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2010-05-14T13:24:15ZKnowledge translation to fitness trainers: A systematic reviewStacey, Dawn; Hopkins, Michael; Adamo, Kristi B.; Shorr, Risa; Prud'homme, Denis
2012-12-03Ethical concerns for maternal surrogacy and reproductive tourismDeonandan, Raywat; Green, S; Van Beinum, A
2014-01-14Building health research infrastructure in RwandaBinagwaho, A; Condo, J; Ndahindwa, V; Kakindi, I; Ribakare, M; Kizito, K; Remera, E; Niyonzima, S; Mukabutera, A; Ngabo, B; Kamwesiga, J; Elysee, T; Ntirenganya, J; Regis, H; Dieudonne, S; Kubwimana, M; Wilson, C; Boerstra, L; Habiyaremye, F; Monique, M; Umulisa, I; Nsanzimana, S; Ribakare, R; Nzabahimana, I; Rugigana, E; Harerimana, J; Birindabagabo, P; Joseph, S; Munyaburanga, C; Kiregu, J; Kinani, P; Deonandan, R; Nachega, J; Kanters, S; Mutabazi, V; Nsigaye, M; Seruyange, E; Kakoma, J; Mills, E