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2000A Comparison of Methods for Measuring Socio-economic Status by Occupation or Postal AreaDeonandan, Raywat; Ostbye, Truls; Tummon, Ian; Robertson, James; Campbell, Karen
15-May-2014A Demographic Analysis of the Seekers of Cross Border Reproductive Care: A Literature ReviewDiRaimo, S; Deonandan, R
24-May-2012A Pilot Study for Case-Based Learning Among Undergraduate Students in Global HealthDeonandan, Raywat; Jinha, Arif; Benovoy, Jason; Meilleur Sarazin, Michele; Doswell, Jennifer
23-Sep-2013A pilot study: research poster presentations as an educational tool for undergraduate epidemiology studentsDeonandan, R; Gomes, J; Lavigne, E; Dinh, T; Blanchard, R
2014A RISK WORTH TAKING? Investigating the potential link between statins and new-onset diabetes mellitusBlimkie, Erica
19-Feb-2012A student-run peer-reviewed journal: an educational tool for students in the health sciencesDeonandan, Raywat; Patel, Premal; Winterbottom, Robyn
Jan-2013Access to Maternal Health Care for Native Canadians on Reserves in Northern CanadaBeking, David M.
2011Accès et équité dans les systèmes de soins de santé en AfriqueYaya, Sanni; Ileka-Priouzeau, Samuel
18-Apr-2013Acculturation and nutritional health of immigrants in Canada: a scoping reviewSanou, Dia; O'Reilly, Erin; Ngnie-Teta, Ismael; Batal, Malek; Mondain, Nathalie; Andrew, Caroline; Newbold, Bruce K; Bourgeault, Ivy L
2006Adoption and sustainability of decision support for patients facing health decisions: an implementation case study in nursingStacey, Dawn; Pomey, Marie-Pascale; O'Connor, Annette M.; Graham, Ian D.
17-Aug-2017Advanced maternal age: ethical and medical considerations for assisted reproductive technologyHarrison, BJ; Hilton, TN; Riviere, RN; Ferraro, ZM; Deonandan, R; Walker, MC
2008Advancing theories, models and measurement for an interprofessional approach to shared decision making in primary care: A study protocolLégaré, France; Stacey, Dawn; Graham, Ian D.; Elwyn, Glen; Pluye, Pierre; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Frosch, Dominick; Harrison, Margaret B.; Kryworuchko, Jennifer; Pouliot, Sophie; Desroches, Sophie
25-Jun-2013Age and hemispheric differences in transcallosal inhibition between motor cortices: an ispsilateral silent period studyDavidson, Travis; Tremblay, François
Sep-2015Amoureux et la Dramatisation Face à la Douleur chez des Individus Vivant Avec de la Douleur ChroniqueMartel, Marie-Eve; Lafontaine, Marie-France; Levesque, Christine
24-May-2012An Approach to Comparing Nations for Inclusion of Studies in Health-based Systematic Literature ReviewsDeonandan, Raywat; Schachter, Howard; Ly, Mylan; Lacroix, Denise; Moore, Ceri; Barrowman, Nicholas; Abdulkadir, Idil; Girardi, Alberta
28-Jan-2013An Introduction to the Ethical Dimensions of Reproductive Medical TourismDeonandan, Raywat
31-Oct-2011An Observational Study of Associations Among Maternal Fluids During Parturition, Neonatal Output, and Breastfed Newborn Weight LossNoel-Weiss, Joy; Woodend, A. Kirsten; Peterson, Wendy E.; Gibb, William; Groll, Dianne L.
1-Feb-2016An Analysis of Canadian Institute for Health Research Funding for Research on Autism Spectrum DisorderDeonandan, Raywat; Liu, Erin Yiran; Kolisnyk, Ben; Konkle, ATM
11-Apr-2015Analyzing the Neuroprotective Potential of Nicotine in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and its Effect on Dopamine Levels in Rodents and PrimatesColbourne, Jessica; Lock, Daniella; Buffone, Lucas; Sivaloganathan, Vithurry
Jan-2011Angioplasty Used to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Potential Revolution in Health Care TechnologyGuerra, Andre
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