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2021OER by Discipline Guide: University of Ottawa (Version 1.0 – June 2021)Brunet, Mélanie
2021A Sharp Increase in the Demand for Scholar Portal’s ODESI and Dataverse during the COVID-19 PandemicIntahchomphoo, Channarong
2021Getting Good Agreements: Does Third-Party Intervention Improve Faculty Union Contracts?Dekker, Jennifer; Farnum, Cecile
2020Pushing ahead: Advancing collective bargaining rights in the libraryDekker, Jennifer
2020Creating an Audit and Feedback Loop to Monitor and Enhance Data Sharing in CanadaTayler, Felicity; Moher, David; Cobey, Kelly
2020Shifting Horizons: A Literature Review of Research Data Management Train-the-trainer Models for Library and Campus-Wide Research Support Staff in Canadian InstitutionsTayler, Felicity; Jafary, Maziar
2020Une entrevue avec Dr Raywat Deonandan sur la désinformation COVID-19Intahchomphoo, Channarong; Brown, Michelle
2020An Interview with Dr. Raywat Deonandan about COVID-19 MisinformationIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Brown, Michelle
2020RDM Readiness Report: Shifting Horizons II: Realities of Research Data ManagementTayler, Felicity; Ripp, Chantal; Jafary, Maziar
2020Data citation: APA 7 style guide, 2nd ed.Mowers, Susan; El Hofi, Alain
2018Book review – Claire L’Heureux-Dubé: A LifeBrunet, Mélanie
2020At-Risk Articles: Brief Literature AnalysisHatherill, Jeanette
2020Textbook Costs and Affordable Alternatives at the University of OttawaBrunet, Mélanie
2020Le coût des manuels scolaires et les alternatives abordables à l'Université d'OttawaBrunet, Mélanie
2020Report on the Faculty & Postdoctoral Survey on Research Data Management at the University of OttawaCheung, Melissa
2019Lost Science? Giving Authors of At-Risk Articles a Second ChanceHatherill, Jeanette
2019An Exercise in Contradiction? The Role of Academic Copyright LibrariansBrunet, Mélanie; Wakaruk, Amanda
2019Open Access Author Fund Report at uOttawa LibraryLee, Yoo Young; Hatherill, Jeanette
2019Jeu de cartes du droit d'auteur - Version canadienneBrunet, Mélanie; Lapierre, Dominique; Rouleau, Thomas; Truchon, Marie-Ève
2019Book review - Re-envisioning the MLS: Perspectives on the Future of Library and Information Science EducationBrunet, Mélanie