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2018Data migration to Open Journal Systems (OJS) using RLee, Yoo Young
2018Questioning bibliometrics and research impactHatherill, Jeanette
2017Valuing the User Experience in Library PublishingBetz, Sonya; Hatherill, Jeanette; Stranack, Kevin
2018Une introduction aux licences Creative CommonsBrunet, Mélanie
2017Migration Frustration: The Unexpected Surprises of Transitioning to a New LMSBrunet, Mélanie; Brown, Michelle
2018Compte rendu - D’obscurantisme et de lumières : la bibliothèque publique au Québec des origines au 21e siècleBrunet, Mélanie
2018Book Review - Succession Planning in Canadian Academic LibrariesBrunet, Mélanie
2018Sharpening the other side of the dual edged systematic review sword: Expecting more from our users - Conference presentationSikora, Lindsey; Bass, Michelle B
2018Sharpening the other side of the dual edged systematic review sword: Expecting more from our users - DatasetSikora, Lindsey; Bass, Michelle B
2018Collaborating for successTellis, Cecilia
2017-10How Canadian librarians practice and assess individualized research consultations in academic libraries: A nationwide surveyFournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
2016-06-15Designing for Faculty: IR Customization and Outreach in Response to Funder MandatesHatherill, Jeanette
2017-06-21Individualized Research Consultations in Academic Libraries: Useful or Useless? Let the Evidence Speak for Itself.Fournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
2015-06Creating a Research Interest Group for librarians in an academic institutionFournier, Karine; Boutet, Mish
2016-06What the heck do librarians do with students during individualized research consultations???Fournier, Karine
2016-05Assessing the Impact of Individualized Research Consultations on Students' Search Techniques and Confidence LevelsSikora, Lindsey; Fournier, Karine
2015-07How Canadians librarians practice and evaluate individualized research consultations in academic libraries. A nationwide survey.Fournier, Karine; Lindsey, Sikora
2009Developing a Model License: A Canadian Consortium's ExperienceGilllies, Scott; Horava, Tony
2017-03-01Making Shared Print Management Happen: A Project of Five Canadian Academic LibrariesHorava, Tony; Rykse, Harriet; Smithers, Anne; Tillman, Caitlin; Wycoff, Wade
2016-12-22Current Trends in Collection Development Practices & PoliciesHorava, Tony; Levine-Clark, Michael