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Oct-2017How Canadian librarians practice and assess individualized research consultations in academic libraries: A nationwide surveyFournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
15-Jun-2016Designing for Faculty: IR Customization and Outreach in Response to Funder MandatesHatherill, Jeanette
21-Jun-2017Individualized Research Consultations in Academic Libraries: Useful or Useless? Let the Evidence Speak for Itself.Fournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
Jun-2015Creating a Research Interest Group for librarians in an academic institutionFournier, Karine; Boutet, Mish
Jun-2016What the heck do librarians do with students during individualized research consultations???Fournier, Karine
May-2016Assessing the Impact of Individualized Research Consultations on Students' Search Techniques and Confidence LevelsSikora, Lindsey; Fournier, Karine
Jul-2015How Canadians librarians practice and evaluate individualized research consultations in academic libraries. A nationwide survey.Fournier, Karine; Lindsey, Sikora
2009Developing a Model License: A Canadian Consortium's ExperienceGilllies, Scott; Horava, Tony
1-Mar-2017Making Shared Print Management Happen: A Project of Five Canadian Academic LibrariesHorava, Tony; Rykse, Harriet; Smithers, Anne; Tillman, Caitlin; Wycoff, Wade
22-Dec-2016Current Trends in Collection Development Practices & PoliciesHorava, Tony; Levine-Clark, Michael
9-Dec-2016Library Consortia and Article Processing Charges: An International SurveyHorava, Tony; Ward, Monica
4-Nov-2016Social media objectives and challenges of law libraries: A systematic literature reviewIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Jeske, Margo; Landriault, Emily
2015Individualized Research Consultations in Academic Libraries: A Scoping Review of Practice and Evaluation MethodsFournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
Feb-2010Challenges and possibilities for collection management in a digital ageHorava, Tony
Mar-2016Historical map digitization in libraries: Collaborative approaches for large map seriesSimpkin, Sarah; Brodeur, Jason; Woods, Cheryl; Leahey, Amber; Beard, Colleen; Janzen, Sharon
Jun-2016Accessibility and Libraries in the Internet Era: Space, E- Resources, and the WebIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Jeske, Margo
2016Law Student Views on the Principles of Legal Research Website: An User Experience StudyIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Jeske, Margo; Landriault, Emily
2016Coping with budget cuts: How Canadian libraries compare with other countriesIntahchomphoo, Channarong; Jeske, Margo; Vellino, André
Dec-2015Students and the e-book dilemma: a case studyMoisil, Ingrid; Horava, Tony
16-Mar-2016The Intersection of Freedom of Information, Privacy Legislation and Library Services in Canadian JurisdictionsJeske, Margo; Intahchomphoo, Channarong; Landriault, Emily; Bioni, Bruno Ricardo