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2018Aperçu des pratiques de gestion des données de recherche à l’Université d’OttawaCheung, Melissa; Labelle, Patrick; McEwan, Jessica; Sahadath, Catie; Sikora, Lindsey
2018La revue systématique comme approche pédagogique au premier cycleLabelle, Patrick
2018Data migration to Open Journal Systems (OJS) using RLee, Yoo Young
2018Questioning bibliometrics and research impactHatherill, Jeanette
2017Valuing the User Experience in Library PublishingBetz, Sonya; Hatherill, Jeanette; Stranack, Kevin
2018Une introduction aux licences Creative CommonsBrunet, Mélanie
2017Migration Frustration: The Unexpected Surprises of Transitioning to a New LMSBrunet, Mélanie; Brown, Michelle
2018Compte rendu - D’obscurantisme et de lumières : la bibliothèque publique au Québec des origines au 21e siècleBrunet, Mélanie
2018Book Review - Succession Planning in Canadian Academic LibrariesBrunet, Mélanie
2018Sharpening the other side of the dual edged systematic review sword: Expecting more from our users - Conference presentationSikora, Lindsey; Bass, Michelle B
2018Sharpening the other side of the dual edged systematic review sword: Expecting more from our users - DatasetSikora, Lindsey; Bass, Michelle B
2018Collaborating for successTellis, Cecilia
2017-10How Canadian librarians practice and assess individualized research consultations in academic libraries: A nationwide surveyFournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
2016-06-15Designing for Faculty: IR Customization and Outreach in Response to Funder MandatesHatherill, Jeanette
2017-06-21Individualized Research Consultations in Academic Libraries: Useful or Useless? Let the Evidence Speak for Itself.Fournier, Karine; Sikora, Lindsey
2015-06Creating a Research Interest Group for librarians in an academic institutionFournier, Karine; Boutet, Mish
2016-06What the heck do librarians do with students during individualized research consultations???Fournier, Karine
2016-05Assessing the Impact of Individualized Research Consultations on Students' Search Techniques and Confidence LevelsSikora, Lindsey; Fournier, Karine
2015-07How Canadians librarians practice and evaluate individualized research consultations in academic libraries. A nationwide survey.Fournier, Karine; Lindsey, Sikora
2009Developing a Model License: A Canadian Consortium's ExperienceGilllies, Scott; Horava, Tony