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2011-05-25Quantitative Epistasis Analysis and Pathway Inference from Genetic Interaction DataPhenix, Hilary; Morin, Katy; Batenchuk, Cory; Parker, Jacob; Abedi, Vida; Yang, Liu; Tepliakova, Lioudmila; Perkins, Theodore J.; Kærn, Mads
2010Striatal interneurons in dissociated cell cultureSchock, Sarah C.; Jolin-Dahel, K. S.; Schock, P. C.; Staines, William A.; Garcia-Munoz, M.; Arbuthnott, Gordon W.
2011-03-10Differential genomic targeting of the transcription factor TAL1 in alternate haematopoietic lineagesPalii, Carmen G; Perez-Iratxeta, Carolina; Yao, Zizhen; Cao, Yi; Dai, Fengtao; Davison, Jerry; Atkins, Harold; Allan, David; Dilworth, F. Jeffrey; Gentleman, Robert; Tapscott, Stephen J.; Brand, Marjorie
2010-08-30T17:53:07ZThe alternatively spliced form "b" of the Epithelial Sodium Channel α subunit (α ENaC): Any prior evidence of its existence?Shehata, Marlene F.
2011-12-07Motor Unit Abnormalities in Dystonia Musculorum MiceFerrier, Andrew
2010-08-26T18:21:43ZUTX mediates demethylation of H3K27me3 at muscle-specific genes during myogenesisSeenundun, Shayesta; Rampalli, Shravanti; Liu, Qi-Cai; Palii, Carmen; Hong, SunHwa; Blais, Alexandre; Brand, Marjorie; Ge, Kai; Dilworth, Francis Jeffrey
2010-08-26T18:31:33ZCrosstalk between histone modifications maintains the developmental pattern of gene expression on a tissue-specific locusHosey, Alison M.; Chaturvedi, Chandra-Prakash; Brand, Marjorie
2010-08-30T14:23:14ZInterplay of bromodomain and histone acetylation in the regulation of p300-dependent genesChen, Jihong; Ghazawi, Feras M.; Li, Qiao
2010-08-30T15:52:18ZThe Epithelial Sodium Channel α subunit (α ENaC) alternatively spliced form "b" in Dahl rats: What's next?Shehata, Marlene F.
2010-02-23T14:15:05ZA proposed study on how far anger contributes to initiating essential hypertension in Canadian caucasian adults with a family history of hypertensionShehata, Marlene F.