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2013-03-11Modelling Improvements in Cell Yield of Banked Umbilical Cord Blood and the Impact on Availability of Donor Units for Transplantation into AdultsKekre, Natasha; Philippe, Jennifer; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Smith, Susan; Allan, David
2013Determining the validity of the AMA guide: A retrospective analysis of the Assessment of Driving Related Skills and crash rate among older driversWoolnough, Andrew; Salim, Danish; Marshall, Shawn; Weegar, Kelly; Porter, Michelle; Rapoport, Mark; Man-Song-Hing, Malcolm; Bedard, Michel; Gelinas, Isabelle; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda
2013The Canadian Safe Driving Study – phase I pilot: Examining potential logistical barriers to the full cohort studyMarshall, Shawn; Wilson, Keith E.; Man-Song-Hing, Malcolm; Stiell, Ian; Smith, Andrew; Weegar, Kelly; Kadulina, Yara; Molnar, Frank
2013Protocol for Candrive II/Ozcandrive, a multicentre prospective older driver cohort studyMarshall, Shawn; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Bedard, Michel; Charlton, Judith; Gagnon, Sylvain; Gelinas, Isabelle; Koppel, Sjaan; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Langford, Jim; Mazar, Barbara; Myers, Anita; Naglie, Gary; Polgar, Jan; Porter, Michelle; Rapoport, Mark; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda; Woolnough, Andrew
2013Association between exposure to suicide and suicidality outcomes in youthSwanson, Sonja; Colman, Ian
2013The Relationship between Cognitive Performance, Perceptions of Driving Comfort and Abilities, and Self-reported Driving Restrictions among Healthy Older DriversRapoport, Mark J.; Naglie, Gary; Weegar, Kelly; Myers, Anita; Cameron, Duncan; Crizzle, Alexander; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda; Bédard, Michel; Porter, Michelle M; Mazer, Barbara; Gélinas, Isabelle; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Marshall, Shawn
2013Development and evaluation of a Driving Observation Schedule (DOS) to study everyday driving performance of older driversVlahodimitrakou, Z; Charlton, Judith; Langford, Jim; Koppel, Sjaan; DiStefano, Marilyn; Macdonald, Wendy; Mazer, Barbara; Gélinas, Isabelle; Vrkljan, Brenda; Porter, Michelle M; Smith, Glenys; Cull, Andrew; Marshall, Shawn C
2013Findings from the Candrive/Ozcandrive Study: Low mileage older drivers, crash risk and reduced fitness to driveLangford, Jim; Charlton, Judith; Koppel, Sjaan; Myers, Anita; Tuokko, Holly; Marshall, Shawn C; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Darzins, Peter; Di Stefano, Marilyn
2013Growth curves in short supply: a descriptive study of the availability and utility of growth curve data in adolescents with eating disordersHarrison, Megan E; Obeid, Nicole; Fu, Maeghan C Y; Norris, Mark L
2013-06-07Chronic Care Model Decision Support and Clinical Information Systems Interventions for People Living with HIV: A Systematic ReviewPasricha, Anjori; Deinstadt, Roo T. M.; Moher, David; Killoran, Amanda; Rourke, Sean B.; Kendall, Claire E.