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2010Striatal interneurons in dissociated cell cultureSchock, Sarah C.; Jolin-Dahel, K. S.; Schock, P. C.; Staines, William A.; Garcia-Munoz, M.; Arbuthnott, Gordon W.
2011-05-25Performance Feedback: An Exploratory Study to Examine the Acceptability and Impact for Interdisciplinary Primary Care TeamsJohnston, Sharon; Green, Michael; Thille, Patricia; Savage, Colleen; Roberts, Lynn; Russell, Grant; Hogg, William
2011-03-10Differential genomic targeting of the transcription factor TAL1 in alternate haematopoietic lineagesPalii, Carmen G; Perez-Iratxeta, Carolina; Yao, Zizhen; Cao, Yi; Dai, Fengtao; Davison, Jerry; Atkins, Harold; Allan, David; Dilworth, F. Jeffrey; Gentleman, Robert; Tapscott, Stephen J.; Brand, Marjorie
2011-03-11Influenza A virus NS1 gene mutations F103L and M106I increase replication and virulenceDankar, Samar K.; Wang, Shuai; Ping, Jihui; Forbes, Nicole E.; Keleta, Liya; Li, Yishan; Brown, Earl G.
2011Identifying a Network of Brain Regions Involved in Aversion-Related Processing: A Cross-Species Translational InvestigationHayes, Dave J.; Northoff, Georg
2011Sympathetic nervous dysregulation in the absence of systolic left ventricular dysfunction in a rat model of insulin resistance with hyperglycemiaDaSilva, Jean N; Thackeray, James T; Radziuk, Jerry; Harper, Mary-Ellen; Suuronen, Erik J; Ascah, Kathryn J; Beanlands, Rob S,
2010-11-25T18:51:35ZLife in the big city: The multiple vulnerabilities of migrant Cambodian garment factory workers to HIVWebber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Graham, Ian D.; Amaratunga, Carol; Keane, Vincent; Socheat, Ros
2010-08-30T17:53:07ZThe alternatively spliced form "b" of the Epithelial Sodium Channel α subunit (α ENaC): Any prior evidence of its existence?Shehata, Marlene F.
2012Performing vaginal lavage, crystal violet staining, and vaginal cytological evaluation for mouse estrous cycle staging identificationMcLean, Ashleigh C.; Valenzuela, Nicolas; Fai, Stephen; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2017-03-17Exploring Trainees' Needs in order to Develop a Training Program in Neonatal ResuscitationBen Fadel, Nadya; Moore, Gregory; Lawrence, Sarah L; Daboval, Thierry; Ferretti, Emanuela; Rouvinez-Bouali, Nicole