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2013-04-16The liver connexin32 interactome is a novel plasma membrane-mitochondrial signaling nexusFowler, Stephanie L; Akins, Mark; Zhou, Hu; Figeys, Daniel; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2013-04-22Visualization and Phospholipid Identification (VaLID): online integrated search engine capable of identifying and visualizing glycerophospholipids with given massBlanchard, Alexandre P.; McDowell, Graeme S. V.; Valenzuela, Nico; Xu, Hongbin; Gelbard, Sarah; Bertrand, Martin; Slater, Gary W.; Figeys, Daniel; Fai, Stephen; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2013It is premature to test older drivers with the SIMARD-MDBédard, Michel; Marshall, Shawn; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Weaver, Bruce; Gélinas, Isabelle; Korner- Bitensky, Nicol; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Porter, Michelle M; Rapoport, Mark; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda
2013Associations between Age, Gender, Psychosocial and Health Characteristics in the Candrive II Study CohortTuokko, Holly; Myers, Anita; Jouk, Alexandra; Marshall, Shawn; Man-Son-HIng, Malcolm; Porter, Michelle M; Bédard, Michel; Gélinas, Isabelle; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Rapoport, Mark; Vrkljan, Brenda
2013-06-12Are dopamine-related genotypes risk factors for excessive gestational weight gain?Goldfield, Gary S; Dowler, Lauren Marie; Walker, Mark; Cameron, Jameason D; Ferraro, Zachary M; Doucet, Eric; Adamo, Kristi B
2013-11-08Mental health screening tools in correctional institutions: a systematic reviewMartin, Michael S; Colman, Ian; Simpson, Alexander IF; McKenzie, Kwame
2013Associations between neighbourhood walkability, active school transport and physical activity levels in primary and secondary school students: A pilot-studyLarouche, Richard; Faulkner, Guy; Tremblay, Mark
2013-05University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine Volume 3, Issue 1, FULLUOJM
2013Older drivers' opinions of criteria that inform cars they buy: A focus group studyZhan, J; Porter, Michelle M; Polgar, Jan; Vrkljan, Brenda
2013Stability of physical assessment of older drivers over 1 yearSmith, Andrew J; Marshall, Shawn C; Porter, Michelle M; Ha, Linda; Bédard, Michel; Gélinas, Isabelle; Man-Son-HIng, Malcolm; Mazer, Barbara; Rapoport, Mark; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda