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2012-06-28How many patients should a family physician have? Factors to consider in answering a deceptively simple questionMuldoon, Laura; Dahrouge, Simone; Russell, Grant; Hogg, William; Ward, Natalie
2012-03-21Bioenergetics of obesity: is fat gain a problem or a solution?Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Saunders, Travis J.
2012-04-18Coherent Frequentism: A Decision Theory Based on Confidence SetsBickel, David R.
2012-04-25Multifunctional Adaptive NS1 Mutations are Selected upon Human Influenza Virus Evolution in the MouseForbes, Nicole E.; Ping, Jihui; Dankar, Samar K.; Jia, Jian-Jun; Selman, Mohammed; Keleta, Liya; Zhou, Yan; Brown, Earl G.
2012-06-06Hepatitis C Virus: The Role of Molecular Mimicry in Response to Interferon (IFN) TreatmentUzicanin, Samra; Hu, Yu-Wen; Alsousi, Husam; Nair, Rama; Brown, Earl G.
2012-04-24Gli2 and MEF2C Activate Each Other's Expression and Function Synergistically During Cardiomyogenesis in vitroVoronova, Anastassia; Al Madhoun, Ashraf; Fischer, Anna; Shelton, Michael; Karamboulas, Christina; Skerjanc, Ilona Sylvia
2012-07-05Increased urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in renal transplant patients with diabetesXiao, Fengxia; Hiremath, Swapnil; Knoll, Greg; Zimpelmann, Joseph; Srivaratharajah, Kajenny; Jadhav, Deepak; Fergusson, Dean; Kennedy, Chris R. J.; Burns, Kevin D.
2012-06-28A cost-consequences analysis of a primary care librarian question and answering serviceMcGowan, Jessie; Hogg, William; Zhong, Jianwei; Zhao, Xue
20127 things to know about indoor air safetyNAHO
20128 things to know about water safetyNAHO