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2012Adaptive mutation in influenza A virus non-structural gene is linked to host switching and induces a novel protein by alternative splicingSelman, Mohammed; Dankar, Samar K.; Forbes, Nicole E.; Jia, Jian-Jun; Brown, Earl G.
2009The use of electronic data capture tools in clinical trials: Web-survey of 259 Canadian trialsEl Emam, Khaled; Jonker, Elizabeth; Sampson, Margaret; Krleža-Jerić, Karmela; Neisa, Angelica
2011-03-10Monoclonal Antibodies to Lipopolysaccharide Antigens of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium DT104Ronholm, Jennifer; Zhang, Zhiyi; Cao, Xundong; Lin, Min
2012Effect of Different Doses of Exercise on Sleep Duration, Sleep Efficiency and Sleep Quality in Sedentary, Overweight MenKjeldsen, Jonas S.; Rosenkilde, Mads; Nielsen, Signe W.; Reichkendler, Michala; Auerbach, Pernille; Ploug, Thorkil; Stallknecht, Bente; Sjodin, Anders M.; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2006Evaluating common de-identification heuristics for personal health informationEl Emam, Khaled; Jabbouri, Sam; Sams, Scott; Drouet, Youenn; Power, Michael
2007A survey of quality assurance practices in biomedical open source software projectsKoru, Günes; El Emam, Khaled; Neisa, Angelica; Umarji, Medha
2010-05-13T19:25:33ZThe inadvertent disclosure of personal health information through peer-to-peer file sharing programsEl Emam, Khaled; Neri, Emilio; Jonker, Elizabeth; Sokolova, Marina; Peyton, Liam; Neisa, Angelica; Scassa, Teresa
2011Inuit Child Welfare and Family Support Inuit-Related DocumentsRae, Lisa
2012-08-24Podocyte-specific overexpression of human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 attenuates diabetic nephropathy in miceNadarajah, Renisha; Milagres, Rosangela; Dilauro, Marc; Gutsol, Alex; Xiao, Fengxia; Zimpelmann, Joseph; Kennedy, Chris; Wysocki, Jan; Batlle, Daniel; Burns, Kevin D.
2012-08-24Mental Work Stimulates Cardiovascular Responses through a Reduction in Cardiac Parasympathetic Modulation in Men and WomenPérusse-Lachance, Emilie; Tremblay, Angelo; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Poirier, Paul; Teasdale, Normand; Drapeau, Vicky; Sénécal, Caroline; Brassard, Patrice