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21-Jun-2011How Strong are Passwords Used to Protect Personal Health Information in Clinical Trials?El Emam, Khaled; Moreau, Katherine; Jonker, Elizabeth
2011The Re-identification Risk of Canadians from Longitudinal DemographicsEl Emam, Khaled; Buckeridge, David; Tamblyn, Robyn; Neisa, Angelica; Jonker, Elizabeth; Verma, Aman
2011Physician Privacy Concerns when Disclosing Patient Data for Public Health Purposes During a Pandemic Influenza OutbreakEl Emam, Khaled
14-Jul-2010The theory of relative dependency: Higher coupling concentration in smaller modulesKoru, A. Günes; El Emam, Khaled
13-May-2010The inadvertent disclosure of personal health information through peer-to-peer file sharing programsEl Emam, Khaled; Neri, Emilio; Jonker, Elizabeth; Sokolova, Marina; Peyton, Liam; Neisa, Angelica; Scassa, Teresa
5-May-2010A method for managing re-identification risk from small geographic areas in CanadaEl Emam, Khaled; Brown, Ann; AbdelMalik, Philip; Neisa, Angelica; Bottomley, Jim; Roffey, Tyson
2009The use of electronic data capture tools in clinical trials: Web-survey of 259 Canadian trialsEl Emam, Khaled; Jonker, Elizabeth; Sampson, Margaret; Krleža-Jerić, Karmela; Neisa, Angelica
2009Privacy interests in prescription data, part I: Prescriber privacyKosseim, Patricia; El Emam, Khaled
2009Privacy interests in prescription data, part 2: Patient privacyEl Emam, Khaled; Kosseim, Patricia
2008A replicated survey of IT software project failuresEl Emam, Khaled; Koru, A. Günes