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2020Risk of thrombosis and major bleeding in JAK2-positive myeloproliferative neoplasm patients receiving low-dose aspirin: a systematic review and meta-analysisKimpton, Miriam; Delluc, Aurelien; Fergusson, Dean; Carrier, Marc
2020Randomized controlled trials assessing different dose regimens for anticoagulant thromboprophylaxis in patients with COVID-19: protocol for a scoping reviewTritschler, Tobias; Mathieu, Marie-Eve; Rodger, Marc; Le Gal, Grégoire
2020Protocol for a scoping review of outcomes in clinical studies of interventions for venous thromboembolism in adultsTritschler, Tobias; Langlois, Nicole; Hutton, Brian; Shea, Beverley J.; Shorr, Risa; Ng, Sara; Dubois, Suzanne; West, Carol; Iorio, Alfonso; Tugwell, Peter; Le Gal, Grégoire
2020Mixed-method evaluation of a community-based postpartum support program: a study protocolEtowa, Josephine; Johnston, Amy; Jama, Zahra; Eccles, Kristin M; Ashton, Alicia
2020Hip preservation surgery and the acetabular fossaSlullitel, Pablo A.; Coutu, Daniel; Buttaro, Martin A.; Beaule, Paul Edgar; Grammatopoulos, George
2020Rhodium-Catalyzed Addition of Organozinc Iodides to Carbon-11 IsocyanatesMair, Braeden A; Fouad, Moustafa H; Ismailani, Uzair S; Munch, Maxime; Rotstein, Benjamin H
2021Bibliometric Analysis of Neurology Articles Published in General Medicine JournalsWilson, Mitch; Sampson, Margaret; Barrowman, Nick; Doja, Asif
2021Communication Assessment Tool for Ethically Sensitive Scenarios: ACT4EthicsDaboval, Thierry; Lambrinakos-Raymond, Alicia; Schoenherr, Jordan R; Ward, Natalie; Moore, Gregory P; Ferretti, Emanuela
2021Cardiac Sympathetic Positron Emission Tomography Imaging with Meta-[18F]Fluorobenzylguanidine is Sensitive to Uptake-1 in RatsIsmailani, Uzair S; Buchler, Ariel; Farber, Gedaliah; Pekošak, Aleksandra; Farber, Eadan; MacMullin, Nicole; Suuronen, Erik J; Vasdev, Neil; Beanlands, Rob S B; de Kemp, Robert A; Rotstein, Benjamin H
2022Selective Imaging of Matrix Metalloproteinase-13 to Detect Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in Atherosclerotic LesionsBuchler, Ariel; Munch, Maxime; Farber, Gedaliah; Zhao, Xiaoling; Al-Haddad, Rami; Farber, Eadan; Rotstein, Benjamin H