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9-Oct-2013A Brief History of "Gaze"Folkart, Barbara
2007A Brief History of "Gaze"Folkart, Barbara
2015A Chinese Bite of Translation: A Translational Approach to Chineseness and Culinary IdentityXue, Jingnan
2007A Taxonomy of the Characteristics of Student Peer Mentors in Higher Education: Findings from a Literature ReviewLennox Terrion, Jenepher; Leonard, Dominique
2001A tempest in three teapots: Yom Kippur balls in London, New York and MontrealMargolis, Rebecca
1997Actions manquées et imaginaireVandendorpe, Christian
7-Sep-2009Addressing human dimension of climate changeGaffield, Chad
20-Sep-2017An adventure in open research data remix, licensing and provenance: case study of the Open Access Article Processing Charges (OA APC) longitudinal studyMorrison, Heather
2012Advertising Democracy: Audience Segmentation and Targeted Emails in the 2012 Presidential ElectionCenaiko, Anne-Marie
2014Agricultural Communication in a Changing Media Environment: A Case Study of the Dairy Farmers of CanadaMcGlynn, Carley M.
1993Agriculture in a pioneer region: The Upper St. John River Valley in the first half of the 19th centuryCraig, Béatrice
2010AIDS and Sacrifice: A Discussion of René Girard’s Scapegoat Theory of Sacrifice, Jean-Luc Nancy’s Unsacrificeable, and Giorgio Agamben’s Homo SacerPump, Andrew
2005Aller-retour : fonction épistémologique et réflexive de l'altérité chez le Diderot de l'EncyclopédieRioux-Beaulne, Mitia
1999Allégorie et interprétationVandendorpe, Christian
2007An Evaluation of a University Peer-Mentoring Training ProgrammeLennox Terrion, Jenepher; Philion, Ruth; Leonard, Dominique
2013Analyse comparative de la couverture et de l’acceptabilité des solutions d’un dictionnaire bilingue spécialisé, d’une banque de données terminologiques et d’un concordancier en ligne : application au domaine de la traduction médicaleSimard, Tanya
25-Aug-2015Analysis of the Network Communication Approach to Public Diplomacy: Case Study of the Confucius Institute at Carleton UniversityShi, Lu
2017Anthony of Parma's Quaestio utrum primum principium sive Deus ipse sit potentie infinite: an Introduction and EditionCôté, Antoine
2014Antonin Artaud : trad-auctor. L'acte traductif à la lumière du « théâtre de la cruauté »Avci, Alice
30-Oct-2013Anxieties Associated with Disabilities in Music Education and Performance: Recognition to Potential Solutions for AccommodationWatson, Gwen
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