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2018Conjurer l'absence: pratiques du tiers espace dans les littératures lesbiennes francophonesMaréchal, Mariève
2018Looking at the Physical and Psychosocial Outcomes after Participation in a Community Physical Activity Program among Children with Congenital Heart DiseaseBlais, Angelica
2018An Application of the Gravity Model to International Trade in NarcoticsMarchildon, Miguel
2018The Role of Proline Oxidation and Metabolome Dynamics During the Flight of Bombus ImpatiensStec, Nadia
2018Stochastic Dynamic Model of Urban Traffic and Optimum Management of Its Flow and CongestionWang, Shi'an
2018Assessing Success In United Nations Peace Operations: No Evaluative Framework Without a Political FrameworkBezeau, Alexander
2018Ultrasonic Pretreatment: Impact on Solubilization, Biogas Production and Kinetics of Anaerobic Digestion of Conventional and Biofilm Waste SludgesRoebuck, Peter
2018Youth Mentoring as a Viable Crime Prevention Strategy: Evidence and Ontario Policy, with Reflections from Some MentorsBradley, Jeffrey
2018The Self and the Other: An Attachment Perspective for Uncovering Dyadic Patterns of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal DistressFitzpatrick, Josée
2018Pediatric Mental Illness in the Emergency Department: Understanding the Individual, Family and Systemic Factors in Return VisitsLeon, Stephanie L.
2018Utilisation et utilité clinique d’une intervention multisensorielle de type Snoezelen avec des patients atteints de trouble neurocognitif majeur dû à la maladie d’AlzheimerLafleur, Chantal
2018SCUT-DS: Methodologies for Learning in Imbalanced Data StreamsOlaitan, Olubukola
2018Neurobiological Bases of the Use of Atypical Antipsychotics in Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive DisorderKirby, Julia
2018Facilitators of Maternal Affective Attachment Bonds in Various Family ContextsGosselin, Natasha Eve
2018Tracing Neoliberal Governmentality in Education: Disentangling Economic Crises, Accountability, and the Disappearance of Social StudiesRogers, Pamela
2018Intensive Care Nurses' Meaningful Experiences in Providing End-of-Life CareStokes, Heather
2018Career Identity Development of “Dependent” Immigrant Women: A Qualitative ExplorationRastogi, Deepika
2018Internet Cancer Information Use by Newly Diagnosed Individuals: A Mixed Methods Study of Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and the Health Care SystemKristen, Haase
2018An Exploration of Psychopathy as a Neuroscience ConstructRoy, Silvian
2018Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Polyketide Natural ProductsHari, Taylor P. A.