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2017Understanding the Developmental Processes of How Emerging Adults Become Contributing CitizensTaing, Jennifer
2017Height Estimation of a Blimp Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Inertial Measurement Unit and Infrared CameraVilleneuve, Hubert
2017Assessment Strategies in Higher Education: A Case Study of Conestoga College’s Fitness and Health Promotion ProgramHalar, Julia
2017Parental Involvement in Sport During Early-Mid Adolescence: Perspectives from Parent-Child DyadsFelber Charbonneau, Evelyne
2017The Making of an Emperor: Categorizing Power and Political Interests in Late Roman Imperial Accessions (284 CE – 610 CE)King, JaShong
2017Cultural Sensitivity in Diabetic Interventions Among African and Caribbean Immigrants in Canada: A Systematic ReviewBakombo, Schwab
2017New Bandwidth Allocation Methods to Provide Quality-of-Experience Fairness for Video Streaming ServicesHemmati, Mahdi
2017Migration, Gender and the Political Economy of Care: The Exclusion of Migrant Domestic Workers and the Limits of Civic Nationalism in TaiwanAllouache, Yannis-Adam
2017The Impact of Immigrant Language Skills on Canadian WagesGunduz, Seda
2017Software Defined Survivale Optical Interconnect for Data CentersChandna, Sonali
2017The Impact of Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution on Educational OutcomesZhang, Yanjiao
2017Does Parental Bonding and Its Interaction with Child Temperament Influence Facial Affect Recognition in High-Risk Offspring for Developing Anxiety Disorders?Ruci, Lorena
2017The Influence of Awareness on Explicit and Implicit Contributions to Visuomotor Adaptation to Different Rotation SizesNeville, Kristin-Marie
2017Selective C-F and Ni-C Bond Activation of Fluoronickelacycles as a Function of Ancillary LigandsGiffin, Kaitlyn Anne
2017Tourisme du yoga et quête de soi en Inde : une ethnographie des yogis occidentaux à RishikeshSimard-Legault, Camille
2017Negotiating and Constructing Place: African Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Experiences Seeking Reproductive Health Information, Services and SupportGreenwood, Heather Louise
2017Structural and Biochemical Insights into the Assembly of the DPY-30/Ash2L HeterotrimerHaddad, John
2017From Virus Protection to Cell Isolation and Biomarker Discovery with AptamersGhobadloo, Shahrokh
2017Functional Genomic Studies of Vaccinia Virus Provide Fundamental Insights into Virus-Host InteractionsKeller, Brian Andrew
2017Retrogressive Thaw Slumps: Indicators of Holocene Climate Changes in the Richardson Mountains-Peel Plateau, Northwestern CanadaFrappier, Roxanne