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2019-08-12Construction and Approximation of Stable Lévy Motion with Values in Skorohod SpaceSaidani, Becem; Balan, Raluca Madalina
2019-08-12Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Landscape EcotoxicologyEccles, Kristin M.; Chan, Laurie
2019-08-12Expériences du processus de demandes d’asile canadien entre 2003 et 2014 : être Colombien, devenir réfugié et citoyen canadienLeblanc-Martineau, Camille; Moffette, David
2019-08-12Towards Standardized Digital Twins for Health, Sport, and Well-beingLaamarti, Fedwa; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2019-08-09Engaging Esters as Cross-Coupling ElectrophilesBen Halima, Taoufik; Newman, Stephen
2019-08-09The Drivers of Team-based Inside Sales Performance at Different Stages of the Sales Pipeline.Haque, Rahat; Benyoucef, Morad
2019-08-08A Population Health Approach to Examine Ottawa-Gatineau Residents’ Perception of Radon Health RiskKhan, Selim Muhammad; Gomes, James; Chreim, Samia
2019-08-02Assessing the Oncolytic Capacity of Conditionally Replicating Adenovirus Armed with p14 Fusion Associated Small Transmembrane Protein and the Adenovirus Death ProteinDel Papa, Joshua; Parks, Robin
2019-08-01The Protracted Magmatism and Hydrothermal Activity Associated with the Gibraltar Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit, South Central British Columbia, Canada.Kobylinski, Christopher; Hattori, Keiko
2019-07-31Analysis of Transcriptional Regulators Involved in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Antibiotic Resistance and ToleranceHall, Clayton Wallace; Mah, Thien-Fah
2019-07-31Southern Host Organizations: At the Forefront of Discussions on International VolunteerismFraser, Liana; Tiessen, Rebecca
2019-07-29Composite Hydrogel Scaffolds with Eggshell Particles as a Novel Bone Regeneration MaterialCalvert, Nick; Hincke, Maxwell; Catelas, Isabelle
2019-07-29A Multi-Method Approach for the Quantification of Surface Amine Groups on Silica NanoparticlesSun, Ying; Johnston, Linda
2019-07-29Investigating the Role of Vaccinia Virus-derived Small Extracellular Vesicle Cargo in InfectionMcKay, Hayley Elizabeth; Ilkow, Carolina Solange
2019-07-26Task Selective and Comfort-Aware User Recruitment with Incentives in Mobile Crowd-SensingDasari, Venkat Surya; Kantarci, Burak
2019-07-25Cost-effectiveness of an Outpatient Uterine Assessment and Treatment Unit in Patients with Abnormal Uterine BleedingBennett, Alexandria; Thavorn, Kednapa
2019-07-25Towards in vitro Pharmacokinetic Assessment of Novel Targeted Covalent Inhibitors for Human Tissue TransglutaminaseBourgeois, Karine; Keillor, Jeffrey W.
2019-07-25“A Difficult Dinner Companion”: Canadian-American Relations During the First Taiwan Strait Crisis, 1954-1955Walker, Fraser Cameron; Perras, Galen
2019-07-24L’ « art pour manger » : explorations du complexe de l’autonomie alimentaire innue comme mémoire de liberté politique dans les lieux de friction des habitations politiques du NitassinanMailhot, Amélie-Anne; Karmis, Dimitrios
2019-07-24An Eco-Alchemical Vision: Hermetic Writing in Twentieth-Century British LiteratureLaura, Van Dyke; Rampton, David