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2019-11-08Chromatin Landscapes of the Dlx1/2 and Dlx5/6 Bigene Clusters in the Developing Mouse ForebrainMonis, Simon; Ekker, Marc
2019-11-08Colonisation épistémique : industrialisation, savoirs écologiques traditionnels innus et caribouGirard English, Maïté; Giroux, Dalie
2019-11-08The Recommendation for Learners to Be Provided with Control Over Their Feedback Schedule Is Questioned In a Self-Controlled Learning ParadigmYantha, Zachary; Ste-Marie, Diane
2019-11-07Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in the Prediction of Industrial Outfall DischargesJain, Aakanksha; Mohammadian, Abdolmajid; Sartaj, Majid
2019-11-06Effects of APOBEC3-Induced Mutations on HIV-1 Expression and LatencyLam, Cindy; Langlois, Marc-André
2019-11-06Modeling and Therapeutic Development for the Tuberous Sclerosis Related Neoplasm LymphangioleiomyomatosisDelaney, Sean Phillip; Stanford, William
2019-11-06Gene Expression Analysis of the Perinatal Heart and the Identification of MiR-205 as a Regulator of Cardiomyocyte MaturationWeldrick, Jonathan; Megeney, Lynn; Burgon, Patrick
2019-11-06Assessing the Effect of Exercise During Pregnancy on Myokine Response and Placental Growth and Function In VitroHutchinson, Kelly Ann; Adamo, Kristi Bree
2019-11-06Production of Sialic Acid Analogs in Engineered E. coli: Characterization of Amino Sugar RecyclingVillegas-Peñaranda, Luis Roberto; Boddy, Christopher
2019-11-01An Investigation of Children’s Future Thinking and Spontaneous Talk About the FutureCaza, Julian; Atance, Cristina
2019-11-01La (re)construction de la légitimité politique et le mouvement communautaire dans le contexte montréalais : une analyse à partir de la sociologie pragmatique de l'acteur réseauCeide, Orlando; Tremblay, André
2019-11-01Making Sense of Negative Campaigning in Canadian Federal ElectionsArash, Reza; Stockemer, Daniel
2019-10-31The Challenges and Successes of Non-Governmental Organizations in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon from 1967 to 1982; The Case of the American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)Minkova, Nicole; Seferdjeli, Ryme
2019-10-31Theoretical Engagement of Masculinities in Development Organizations Working with Men: A Qualitative Document Analysis of Instituto Promundo and Sonke Gender JusticeSonnenberg-Smith, Jamie-Lee; Parpart, Jane
2019-10-31À vos marques, prêt.e.s, bricolez! La collaboration auprès d’enseignant.e.s suivant une formation sur le mouvement BricoleurTurner, Julie-Anne Daphné Marie; Cotnam-Kappel, Megan
2019-10-30Electrostriction in As2Se3-PMMA MicrotapersSaxena, Bhavaye; Bao, Xiaoyi
2019-10-29Post-Secondary Students with Symptoms of Psychosis: A Mixed-Methods Systematic ReviewSanderson, Victoria; Vandyk, Amanda
2019-10-29La construction judiciaire de la victime et de ses attentes dans la sentence du droit pénal : vers un nouveau fondement du droit de punir?Labonté, Sébastien; Dubé, Richard
2019-10-29Surface Modification and In-process Steam Cleaning of Ceramic Membranes Used In the Treatment of Wastewaters Containing Bituminous FinesAtallah, Charbel; Tremblay, André-Yves
2019-10-28SARIMA Short to Medium-Term Forecasting and Stochastic Simulation of Streamflow, Water Levels and Sediments Time Series from the HYDAT DatabaseStitou, Adnane; Seidou, Ousmane