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2017Impunity:In the Search of a Socio-Legal Concept. Elucidations from a State Crime Case StudyUmana, Camilo
2017The Role of Effector Caspases in DNA Damage Response and Chromatin Remodeling During Myogenic DifferentiationAl-Khalaf, Mohammad
2017Chinese Domestic Workers as Inferior ‘Other’: Why Are They Particularly Vulnerable Yet Neglected?Lu, Lu
2017Determination of Cycle Time Constraints in Case of Link Failure in Closed Loop Control in Internet of ThingsAinchwar, Arpit
2017User Behavior Learning in Designing Restaurant Recommender Systems: An Approach to Leveraging Historical Data and Implicit FeedbackHaoxian, Feng
2017Phenotype Characterization of Mice with Targeted Deletions of Dlx EnhancersZhao, Pengcheng
2017Social Stress Reduces Cellular Proliferation and Neurogenesis in the Forebrain of Male Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)Tea, Jonathan
2017Glyoxalase 1 Attenuates the Effects of Chronic Hyperglycemia on Explant-Derived Cardiac Stem CellsVillanueva, Melanie
2017Analyzing the Multiscalar Production of Borders Through the Various Degrees of State Membership in CanadaZaman, Farah
2017Modelling the Response of Evolutive Granular Media to Blast Loadings: Cemented Tailings BackfillGongda, Lu
2017The Regulation of Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT) by CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein β (C/EBPβ) During Skeletal Muscle DifferentiationSlivitzky, Kira
2017Exploring Distorted Thinking About Food and Dietary Misinformation in Nonclinical Samples: Instrument and Intervention Development and ValidationMonaghan, Genevieve
2017Source and Magma Evolution of the Tuff of Elevenmile Canyon, Stillwater Range, Clan Alpine and Northern Desatoya Mountains, Western Nevada.Stepner, Daniel
2017Drivers of Density in Ornate Tree Lizards (Urosaurus ornatus)Paterson, James
2017Farmers’ Responses to Drivers of Forest Cover Change: The Case of Mae Chaem District, ThailandBeaulieu, Antoine
2017Speaker Verification Systems Under Various Noise and SNR ConditionsWan, Qianhui
2017Armed with an Eagle Feather Against the Parliamentary Mace: A Discussion of Discourse on Indigenous Sovereignty and Spirituality in a Settler Colonial Canada, 1990-2017Swain, Stacie A.
2017Nonmodal Analysis of Temporal Transverse Shear Instabilities in Shallow FlowsTun, Yarzar
2017Thaw Slump Activity Via Close-range ‘Structure from Motion’ in Time-lapse Using Ground-based Autonomous CamerasArmstrong, Lindsay Faye
2017A Mixed-Methods Investigation of a Rape Crisis Line Volunteer Counselling ProgramLouw, Alyssa