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2019-09-16The Place for Indigenous Knowledge in a Sport for Development ProgramEssa, Mariana; Arellano, Alexandra
2019-09-16L'impact des émojis sur la perception affective des messages texteLanglois, Olivier; Dupont, Luc; Lagacé, Martine
2019-09-16Policy and Regulatory Interventions to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance: Evidence and Analytic StrategiesRogers Van Katwyk, Susan; Hoffman, Steven; Grimshaw, Jeremy
2019-09-16Improving the Numerical Efficiency of a High Accuracy Shell Element for Soft TissuesAbu Sharkh, Abdal Aziz; Labrosse, Michel
2019-09-16#AerieREAL: Exploring the Tactics of Using Authentic Images in Branding of Young Women’s Fashion CompaniesCant, Mercedes; Conway, Kyle
2019-09-13Exploring Simple Catalyst for Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Homogeneous Metal ComplexesAhmadi, Sara; Richeson, Darrin
2019-09-13Debris Hazard Assessment in Extreme Flooding EventsStolle, Jacob; Nistor, Ioan; Goseberg, Nils René; Petriu, Emil
2019-09-13Real-Time FNIRS Investigation of Discrete and Continuous Cognitive Demands During Dual-Task WalkingRahman, Tabassum Tahmina; Fraser, Sarah
2019-09-13Concrete Made with Fine Recycled Concrete Aggregate (FRCA): A Feasibility StudyDe Freitas Macedo, Hian; Sanchez, Leandro
2019-09-13Pour sortir les allumettières de l’ombre : conditions de travail et de vie des allumettières à la E.B. Eddy Match de Hull, 1854 à 1928Durocher, Kathleen; Bischoff, Peter
2019-09-13Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Crustal Evolution of the Saglek-Hebron Complex (Northern Labrador): Over One Billion Years of Archean Geological HistoryWasilewski, Benjamin; O'Neil, Jonathan
2019-09-13Uncovering Pathways Regulating ILC Metastasis Through miRNA Expression Analysis and Generation of Novel Invasive ILC ModelsAllen, Victoria; Addison, Christina
2019-09-13Methods for Parameter Identification in the Mitchell-Schaeffer ModelPearce-Lance, Jacob; Bourgault, Yves
2019-09-13The Role of Two-Component and Small RNA Regulatory Systems in Pseudomonas aeruginosa BiofilmsTaylor, Patrick; Mah, Thien-Fah
2019-09-13High-Resolution Record of Vegetation and Climate Change During the Holocene in Southwestern QuébecLagace, Amanda Lee; Gajewski, Konrad
2019-09-12Perspectives de réconciliation à travers les séjours de sensibilisation à la culture anicinape et à la pédagogie de la terre – KitcisakikFriis, Joseph; Arellano, Alexandra
2019-09-12Depression and Heart Failure in Male and Female Rats: Role of Inflammation and EstrogensNajjar, Fatimah; Leenen, Frans
2019-09-12The Impact of Parkinson’s Disease on Mammalian Adult NeurogenesisBastasic, Joseph; Slack, Ruth
2019-09-12High-Order Harmonic Generation with Structured BeamsKong, Fanqi; Corkum, Paul
2019-09-12Settler Feminism in Contemporary Canadian Historical FictionKellar Pinard, Katrina; Blair, Jennifer