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2020-02-21Supporting Professional Learning and Research in a Collaborative Inquiry: A Case Study of a Technology in Mathematics Classroom Assessment Focused CollaborationLazarus, Jill N.; Suurtamm, Christine
2020-02-19Learning Styles of Online Students in a Distance LINC ProgramElsageyer, Nasren; Hamel, Marie-Josee
2020-02-18Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance “Global Matrix” Initiative: Process, Results, Impact and EvaluationAubert, Salomé; Tremblay, Mark
2020-02-18Union Models: Support of Variability Modeling and Efficient Reasoning About Model Families Over Space and TimeAlwidian, Sana'a Abdel Ra'uof; Amyot, Daniel
2020-02-18Les logiques et les pratiques dans les organisations et associations féminines engagées dans les opérations de développement dans la région du Centre-Est au Burkina FasoOuédraogo, Wendyam Ahmed; Garneau, Stéphanie
2020-02-18Screening for Spiritual Suffering by NursesBahraini, Sayna; Graham, Ian; Gifford, Wendy Annette
2020-02-18Tracing the Online Translations of Syrian “Poetry of Witness”: 2011-2016Al-Mohammad, Hassan; Von Flotow, Luise
2020-02-18ArcSPAT: An Integrated BIM-GIS Model for Site Layout PlanningAlsaggaf, Ahmad; Jrade, Ahmad
2020-02-14Investigation of RCA Aptamer-Based Microfluidic System for E. Coli O157:H7 DetectionLi, Shuying; Cao, Xudong; Zou, Shan
2020-02-14An Evaluation of the Autonomy Support Predictions and Recommendations in OPTIMAL TheoryMcKay, Bradley James; Ste-Marie, Diane
2020-02-14Online Genetics for Health: An Empirical Investigation of How Users MatterKhan, Salwa; Bronson, Kelly; Knaapen, Loes
2020-02-14Ownership Gaps in Implementing Performance-Based Program Budgeting in Ghana and Cameroon: A DIY Process Between Mimicry, Mirages, and MirrorsDifoum Nkongo, Catherine; Rouillard, Christian
2020-02-12Explaining Survival: The Hierarchy of Persecution and the Jews of the Department of Vaucluse, 1933-1945Dallaire, Adrien; Grabowski, Jan; Zalc, Claire
2020-02-12Characterization of Zebrafish Mutants to Model Human Genetic Defects in the LRRC56 Gene.Ivare, Joshua; Akimenko, Marie-Andrée
2020-02-11Base Station Placement in Integrated Aerial and Terrestrial Wireless Cellular NetworksKalantari, Elham; Yongacoglu, Abbas M.; Yanikomeroglu, Halim
2020-02-11Collagen Hydrogels for Regenerative MedicinePupkaite, Justina; Suuronen, Erik Jukka; Pahlsson, Peter
2020-02-11Temporal Trends in Cyanobacteria Through Paleo-Genetic AnalysesDodsworth, William; Pick, Frances
2020-02-10L'expression de la sexualité de patients masculins en milieux de psychiatrie légaleKaszap, Myriam; Holmes, Dave R.
2020-02-07Potentiating Immune Cells Function During Inflammation and Virus Infection by Modulating MetabolismAlmutairi, Saeedah; Lee, Seunghwan
2020-02-07An Intelligent Traffic Classification Based Optimized Routing in SDN-IoT: A Machine Learning ApproachAmpratwum, Isaac; Nayak, Amiya