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2019-11-19La gestion résiliente des crises sanitaires dans les États fragiles : étude de la crise d’Ebola en GuinéeMaltais, Stéphanie; Yaya, Sanni; Brière, Sophie
2019-11-19Multi-Dimensional Energy Consumption Scheduling for Event Based Demand ResponseRana, Rohit Singh; Schriemer, Henry
2019-11-19The Use of Lignin in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Starch-Based AdhesivesNasiri, Anahita; Dubé, Marc
2019-11-19Montréal parmi les grands de l’organisation C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group : analyse du processus de mise à l’agenda décisionnel de son adhésionBolduc, Brandon; Mevellec, Anne
2019-11-19Advanced Solid Biofuel Production via the Integration of Torrefaction and Densification and its Characterization for the Direct Coal Substitution in Energy Intensive IndustriesGaudet, Peter George; Mehrani, Poupak; Thibault, Jules
2019-11-19Polarization Dependent Ablation of Diamond with Gaussian and Orbital Angular Momentum Laser BeamsAlameer, Maryam; Bhardwaj, Ravi
2019-11-14Synthesis of N-Oxyureas and Their Applications in Amination ReactionsPolat, Dilan Emine; Beauchemin, André
2019-11-14Autoxidation and its Inhibition in Both Industrial and Biological Contexts: New Molecules, Methods & MechanismsShah, Ronak; Pratt, Derek
2019-11-13Distribution and Evolution of Actors’ Roles in Knowledge Transfer in Innovation NetworksHe, Yuqing; Schillo, Sandra
2019-11-13Exploring Co-Regulatory Scaffolding Between a Coach and Figure Skater in Practice: A Case StudyBain, Lisa; Young, Bradley
2019-11-12Advanced Materials for Water TreatmentYuchen, Wu; Zhang, Zisheng; Chen, Zhongwei
2019-11-12First Row Transition Metal Perfluoro-Alkyls and -Carbenes: Synthesis, Metathesis and MoreDaniels, Alexander; Baker, R. Tom
2019-11-12Animalité et performatif : un bestiaire québécois. La parole et le discours politiquesDeslandes, Charles; Giroux, Dalie
2019-11-12Madame de Sévigné moraliste : regard anthropologique et écriture épistolaireGauthier-Mamaril, Emma; Fournier, Michel
2019-11-11Defect At Manitoulin PermacultureZucca, Matthew; Bronson, Kelly; Jaclin, David
2019-11-11Novice Therapists' Perception and Use of Self-CareHammerton, Rachel; Gazzola, Nicola
2019-11-11Distinguishing Pro- and Harmful-Environmental Behaviours: The Roles of Motivation, Stages of Change, Basic Psychological Needs, and Nature RelatednessDesmarais, Philippe; Pelletier, Luc
2019-11-11Hands Over Our Ears: Tensions In the Liminal Spaces Concerning English as a Second Language Education for d/Deaf Newcomers to CanadaBlack, Ari; Dalley, Phyllis
2019-11-08Carbonyl Catalysis: Hydrolysis of Organophosphorus Compounds and Application in Prebiotic ChemistryLi, Binjie; Beauchemin, André
2019-11-08Distributed Local Outlier Factor with Locality-Sensitive HashingZheng, Lining; Boukerche, Azzedine