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2018-06-22Mobilizing Victimhood: Blaming and Claiming the Victim in Conservative Discourse in CanadaGordon, Kelly; Saurette, Paul
2018-06-21Human Health Risks of Persistent Organic Pollutant Exposures in the Canadian ArcticSingh, Kavita; Chan, Laurie
2018-06-20Role of Adipose-to-Muscle Communication in PCB126-induced Metabolic DefectsCaron, Audrey; Aguer, Céline
2018-06-19Samarium Oxide Based Nanomaterials for Heterogeneous CatalysisHodgson, Gregory K.; Scaiano, Juan
2018-06-19Utilité et utilisation de la traduction automatique dans l’environnement de traduction : une évaluation axée sur les traducteurs professionnelsRémillard, Judith; Marshman, Elizabeth
2018-06-18Investigating Small Amine Molecules as Ice Recrystallization InhibitorsJanabi, Joseph; Blute, Richard; Durst, Tony
2018-06-14Using a Geospatial Approach to Evaluate the Impacts of Shipping Activity on Marine Mammals and Fish in Arctic CanadaJoyce, Jenna; Dawson, Jackie
2018-06-12The Limits of “Ethnic War”: Intra-Group Violence and Resistance During the Bosnian WarBozic, Gordana; Arel, Dominique
2018-06-12Comprendre les émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) du secteur Agriculture, Foresterie et autres Affectations des Terres (AFAT) en Côte d’Ivoire et au BrésilKoné, Aïcha; Ramisch, Joshua
2018-06-11Participation and Policy: Exploring the Social Action MuseumGunter, Christopher; Paquette, Jonathan
2018-06-11Providing Care for Elderly Chinese People in Ottawa: The Case of The Glebe Centre as a Multicultural Long-term Care Providing FacilityLiu, Baozhen; Ahmed, Rukhsana
2018-06-07Depth Camera-Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Training a Robot to Perform Sign LanguageZhi, Da; Petriu, Emil
2018-06-06Metallization of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites by Lay-up on Cold Sprayed Coatings and by GRIP Metal™ as Bond Coat for Cold SprayXu, Yue Heng; Jodoin, Bertrand; Robitaille, François
2018-06-05Sensitive Detection of Foodborne E. coli O157:H7 by Dendrimer-aptamer Modified Microchannels - with RCA Signal IntensificationsJiang, Yuqian; Cao, Xudong; Zou, Shan
2018-06-05The Rhetoric of Nature: Marvell and the Longinian SublimeStrombergsson-DeNora, Adam Patrick; von Maltzahn, Nicholas
2018-06-04Exploring How Ontario School Administrators’ FSL Background Knowledge and Experience Influence Their Support of FSL TeachersCloutier, Amanda; Arnott, Stephanie
2018-06-04Non-Purulent Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in the Emergency DepartmentYadav, Krishan; Stiell, Ian Gilmour; Wells, George
2018-06-04Use of Predictive Analytics to Identify Risk of Postoperative Complications among the Women Undergoing the Hysterectomy Surgery for Endometrial CancerAlimohammadisagvand, Behnam; Andreev, Pavel; Michalowski, Wojtek
2018-06-04Discretionary Decision-Making in Constituency Offices: A New (Political) Front-Line of Canadian Immigration ProcessingMarriott, Sarah; Turgeon, Luc
2018-06-04Making Familiar: Perceptions of Belonging of Syrian Newcomer Youth in TorontoKnap, Catherine; Wills, Emily