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2019-08-23Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis and Characterization of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Derived Extracellular VesiclesMunshi, Afnan M N Alam; Allan, David Scott; Rosu-Myles, Michael
2019-08-22In Vitro Characterization of SLK-deficient Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs)Cunha, Clinton Royce; Sabourin, Luc A.
2019-08-21User Modeling in Social Media: Gender and Age DetectionDaneshvar, Saman; Inkpen, Diana
2019-08-21Metabolic and Thermal Responses to Short-Term, Intense Cold Water Acclimation ProtocolGordon, Kyle; Haman, François
2019-08-21The Stories of the Forced Sterilizations in Peru: The Power of Women’s VoicesFlores Villalobos, Marieliv; Spitzer, Denise
2019-08-21Viscous Triple Shock Reflections Relevant to Detonation Waves, and Detonation Dynamics Predicted by the Fickett ModelLau-Chapdelaine, Sébastien She-Ming; Radulescu, Matei
2019-08-20An Approximate MCMC Method for Convex HullsWang, Pengfei; Smith, Aaron
2019-08-19Effects of Carbohydrate Availability on Fatigue and Fatigue Pre-Conditioning in Mouse FDB MuscleHesse, Erik; Renaud, Jean Marc
2019-08-19Role of Learning Management Systems for Formative Assessment in Higher EducationGhani, Shehzad K.; Trumpower, David
2019-08-19Fabrication and Characterization of Silicalite-1 Membranes for the Separation of the Greenhouse GasesCarter, David; Tezel, F. Handan; Kruczek, Boguslaw
2019-08-19Modeling and Evaluating the Thermal Conductivity of Porous Thermal Barrier Coatings at Elevated Temperatures for Industrial ApplicationsAlotaibi, Moteb; Chen, Kuiying
2019-08-16Montessori Grade 9 Students and Their Use of an Online Concept Mapping Website: A Case Study ExplorationVanapalli, Arun; Trumpower, David
2019-08-16Le développement de compétences en supervision clinique chez le psychologue en formationVandette, Marie-Pier; Gosselin, Julie
2019-08-16Traduction et hospitalité : essai sur la tradition orale autochtone et le pluralisme juridique canadienLemieux, René; O'Toole, Darren Padraic
2019-08-16Le processus d’individuation, la stigmatisation et les modalités d’intervention conséquents auprès des personnes en situation de dépression à MontréalMénard, Jean-Patrick; Tremblay, André
2019-08-15The Work of Nurses in the Fever Unit at the Ontario Hospital Toronto: A Qualitative Descriptive Case StudyConnell, Mary; Vanderspank, Brandi Lynn
2019-08-15Subject Pronominal Expression in Uwa SpanishMoreno, Leonardo; Munoz-Liceras, Juana
2019-08-13Synthesis of Organo-fluorine Compounds by Metal Complex-mediated and -Catalyzed Transformations of Fluoro-alkenes and Fluoro-arenesAndrella, Nicholas Orlando; Baker, R. Tom
2019-08-13Content-Based Geolocation Prediction of Canadian Twitter Users and Their TweetsMetin, Ali Mert; Inkpen, Diana; Zhu, Xiaodan
2019-08-12Development of Two Dimensional Materials in PhotocatalysisLi, Zizhen; Zhang, Zisheng