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2021-05-14Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Different Generations of Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Unappreciated BenefitsShukla, Shikha; Spence, Martine
2021-05-14Education for Social Cohesion? A Gender Analysis of Citizenship Education in Post-War Sri LankaKovinthan, Thursica; Maclure, Richard
2021-05-14What Mental Skills Do Military Members Use Through Rehabilitation?Donovan, Megan; Culver, Diane Mary
2021-05-14Reason and Revelation In Islamic Political Theology: The Epistemological Foundations of Al-Ghāzālī’s TheocracyGhossein, Mohamad; Sparling, Robert; Labelle, Gilles
2021-05-14Characterization of Steel Corrosion Products in Reinforced ConcreteMetaferia, Ineku Amhayesus; Martin-Perez, Beatriz; Foruzanmehr, Mohammad Reza
2021-05-14Forward Leading Vehicle Detection for Driver Assistant SystemWen, Wen; Laganière, Robert
2021-05-14Sequencing Batch Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors for Treatment of Cheese Production WastewaterTsitouras, Alexandra; Delatolla, Robert
2021-05-14A Novel Lightweight Lane Departure Warning System Based on Computer Vision for Improving Road SafetyChen, Yue; Boukerche, Azzedine
2021-05-13Experimental Studies of the Divergence of Pre- and Postcopulatory Phenotypes in Male DrosophilaKwok, Kevin; Rundle, Howard
2021-05-133D Object Representation and Recognition Based on Biologically Inspired Combined Use of Visual and Tactile DataRouhafzay, Ghazal; Payeur, Pierre; Cretu, Ana-Maria
2021-05-13Natural Gas Policy Change in Mexico. The Political Economy of State Ownership and Regulation (1995-2018)Aguirre Ponce, Rafael Armando; Gattinger, Monica Michelle
2021-05-13Researching Plagiarism and Technology in Second Language Writing: “Becomings”Vasilopoulos, Eugenia; Bangou, Francis
2021-05-12BrandGAN: Unsupervised Structural Image CorrectionEl Katerji, Mostafa; Al Osman, Hussein
2021-05-12Brain Rhythm Fluctuations: Envelope-Phase Modeling and Phase SynchronizationPowanwe, Arthur Sadrack; Longtin, Andre
2021-05-11Can Fearful Memories be Updated? Understanding the Boundary Conditions of ReconsolidationMarinos, Julia; Ashbaugh, Andrea
2021-05-11Can Refugees Speak? Challenging Power and Creating Space in the Humanitarian System for Refugee Agency and VoiceKaga, Midori Tijen; Nakache, Delphine
2021-05-11Assessment of Impacts of Upstream Developments and Climate Change on Carp River WatershedZango, Baba-Serges; Seidou, Ousmane; Sartaj, Majid
2021-05-10Individual Variation In Information and Its UseRojas-Ferrer, Isabel; Morand-Ferron, Julie
2021-05-10Revalorization of the Antimicrobial Activity of Nanostructure-Based Materials with an Emphasis on TiO₂Fournier, Kelsey; Scaiano, Juan
2021-05-10Les albums de littérature jeunesse comme soutien au développement de la théorie de l’esprit chez les élèves du cycle préparatoire : comparaisons entre les albums avec des animaux anthropomorphisés et les albums avec des personnages humainsNechadi, Souad; Dionne, Anne-Marie