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2021-01-06L’autonomie sous rature : (re)penser la citoyenneté sexuelle à l'intersection du handicap cognitif par l'approche des relations d'autonomieDiotte, Michèle; Perreault, Isabelle
2021-01-05Le genre et l’intimité dans les établissements carcéraux pour femmes : sites de contraintes ou leviers de réappropriation?Cousineau, Sophie; Frigon, Sylvie L.
2021-01-05Patent Conflicts in User-Driven Biotechnology: Examining Knowledge Management Strategies for Patentable Research Resources to Stimulate DIY Bio and Other Social Production in BiotechnologyChung, Haewon; Scassa, Teresa
2021-01-05Qualitative Content Analysis Examining the Biomechanical Implications of Curling and Keybedding in the Taubman ApproachSabo, Jeffrey; Comeau, Gilles R.; Russell, Donald
2021-01-05Warm-ups for Musicians: Systematized and Terminology ReviewsFleet, Emma; Comeau, Gilles R.
2021-01-05Plasmonic Nano-Resonators and Fano Resonances for Sensing ApplicationsHajebifard, Akram; Berini, Pierre
2021-01-05Purification of Indoor Air Pollutants Utilizing Hydrophobic AdsorbentsYun, Ji Sub; Tezel, F. Handan
2021-01-04Area and Volume Changes of Adams Icefield from 1948 to 2019, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, CanadaSmeda, Braden William; Copland, Luke; Thomson, Laura Irene
2021-01-04Living a Cosmopolitan Curriculum: Civic Education, Digital Citizenship, and Urban Priority SchoolsGladu, Jessica; Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas; Radford, Linda Anne
2021-01-04Development of Reporting Guidelines for Systematic Review for Environmental Epidemiology StudiesLee, Kyung Joo; Chan, Laurie