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2018-12-10In lak’ech al lak’en « Je suis un autre toi. Tu es mon autre moi » Transnationalisation et mise en scène de l’autochtonie. Ethnographie des renouveaux mayas en perspective multi-située (Mexique, Guatemala, Suisse)Farahmand, Manéli; Beyer, Peter; Becci Terrier, Irene
2016Accumulating Cares: Women, Whiteness, and the Affective Labour of Responsible Reproduction in Neoliberal TimesWatson, Amanda; Turenne-Sjolander, Claire; Magnet, Shoshana
2016Gender Performativity in Nursing; Men, Power and the Construction of the Ideal NurseLe Blanc, Barbara; Holmes, Dave R.; Perron, Amélie
2012Moving Rhizomatically: Deleuze's Child in 21st Century American Literature and FilmBohlmann, Markus P. J.; Jarraway, David
2012"The Market That Just Grew Up": How Eaton's Fashioned the Teenaged Consumer in Mid-twentieth-century CanadaRollwagen, Katharine E; Gaffield, Chad
2012Young Lebanese-Canadian Women's Discursive Constructions of Health, Obesity, and the BodyAbou-Rizk, Zeina; Rail, Genevieve
2015L'homme monochrome ? : Marketing de la masculinité sur les pages couverture des magazines pour hommesDemers, Isabelle Anne; Scobie, Willow
2016Assessment of the Needs of Complex Trauma-Exposed Boys and Girls in the Child Welfare System: Symptom Profile, Gender Differences, and Placement DisruptionHopton, Jennifer; Lyons, John S.
2016The Effectiveness of Sexual Harassment Law in Chile: From Theory to PracticeCasas Becerra, Lidia; Lippel, Katherine
2016"Utterly Unknowable": Challenges to Overcoming Madness in Sarah Kane's Blasted, Crave, and 4.48 PsychosisPeters, Margaret; Gillingham, Lauren