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2016Country Culture and Crossover: Narrative Representations of Gender and Genre Through Lyric, Music, Image, and Staging in Carrie Underwood's Blown Away TourIvings, Krisandra; Burns, Lori
2016"Deadly Women": Examining (Audio)Visual (Re)Presentations of Violent Women and Girls in Infotainment MediaScheuneman Scott, Isabel; Kilty, Jennifer
2010The Adaptation of South Sudanese Christian Refugees in Ottawa, Canada: Social Capital, Segmented Assimilation and Religious OrganizationLovink, Anton; Beyer, Peter
2015White Skin, Red Meat: Analyzing Representations of Meat Consumption for their Racialized, Gendered, and Colonial ConnotationsNeron, Brittany; Magnet, Shoshana
2015Down the Rabbit Hole: An Exploration of Japanese Lolita FashionAtkinson, Leia; Mirza, Vincent
2017The Impact of Immigrant Language Skills on Canadian WagesGunduz, Seda; Corak, Miles; Deri Armstrong, Catherine
2017Beyond Crime, Sin and Disease: Same-Sex Behaviour Nomenclature and the Sexological Construction of the Homosexual Personage in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturyCerquozzi, Giancarlo; Sethna, Christabelle
2018-06-04Making Familiar: Perceptions of Belonging of Syrian Newcomer Youth in TorontoKnap, Catherine; Wills, Emily
2019-07-18Investigating the Demographic and Behavioural Predictors of Mental Health and Burnout in Medical Students: A Cross-Sectional StudyMorgan, Tamara; Fortier, Michelle
2019-06-14How Financial Literacy Impacts Financial Decisions for Business Owners of Both Genders in CanadaNegreiros Alves Junior, Acacio Jose; Riding, Allan