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2021-05-26Modelling Soft-Tissue Motion During Human Movement Experiments to Improve Calculations of Skeletal KinematicsBaklouti, Firas; Uchida, Thomas
2021-05-14Reason and Revelation In Islamic Political Theology: The Epistemological Foundations of Al-Ghāzālī’s TheocracyGhossein, Mohamad; Sparling, Robert; Labelle, Gilles
2021-05-13Natural Gas Policy Change in Mexico. The Political Economy of State Ownership and Regulation (1995-2018)Aguirre Ponce, Rafael Armando; Gattinger, Monica Michelle
2021-05-19Evaluating Construct Validity Within Preclinical In Vivo Animal ResearchBerjawi, Rania; Fergusson, Dean Anthony
2021-05-19Sex Differences In the Enduring Neuroinflammatory and Behavioural Sequelae of Systemic Immune Challenge During PubertyKolmogorova, Daria; Ismail, Nafissa
2021-05-25The Effects of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-1 InfectionMcKenzie, Lauren Clara Browning; Smith?, Stacey
2021-05-25Ethics and Arms Sales: A Discourse Analysis of Canadian Foreign PolicyGraff, David; Shah, Nisha; Vucetic, Srdjan
2021-05-25Plant Derived Cellulose Scaffolds as a Novel Biomaterial for 3D Cell Culture and Tissue RegenerationModulevsky, Daniel; Pelling, Andrew
2021-05-25Collaborative Chaos: Symbiotic Physical and Virtual Resistance to Pervasive SurveillanceRochefort, Guillaume; McCurdy, Patrick Michael
2021-05-17Imaginaires politiques, luttes de sens et subjectivation politique : une analyse des discours sur la violence dans les conflits socio-environnementaux au Honduras (1975-2017)Longtin, David; Doran, Marie-Christine