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2020-01-16Long-Term Mortality, Healthcare Use, and Costs Associated with Sepsis: A Population-Based Retrospective Cohort StudyFarrah, Kelly; Thavorn, Kednapa; McIntyre, Lauralyn
2020-01-15Compressive Radar Cross Section ComputationLi, Xiang; Yagoub, Mustapha; Wu, Chen
2020-01-15Contention and Class: Social Movements and Public Services in South AfricaMurray, Adrian Thomas; Spronk, Susan
2020-01-15On the Social and Spatiotemporal Aspects for Urban ComputingLeonardo da Silva Machado, Kassio; Boukerche, Azzedine
2020-01-17Clientélisme et corruption en Tunisie, de Ben Ali à la période contemporaine (1987-2017) : résilience et transformations d’une institution informelleCournoyer Paquin, Bruno; Vairel, Frédéric
2020-01-17Knowledge-Based Predictive Maintenance for Fleet ManagementKilleen, Patrick; Kiringa, Iluju
2020-01-17Regularly Varying Time Series with Long Memory: Probabilistic Properties and EstimationBilayi-Biakana, Clémonell Lord Baronat; Kulik, Rafal; Ivanoff, B. Gail
2020-01-17Resource Clogging Attacks in Mobile Crowd-Sensing: AI-based Modeling, Detection and MitigationZhang, Yueqian; Kantarci, Burak
2020-01-17Regulation of Neuroblastoma Malignant Properties by Pannexin 1 Channels: Role of Post-Translational Modifications and MutationsHolland, Stephen Henry; Cowan, Kyle
2020-01-17Mapping the Neural Circuits That Modulates the Molecular Switch Between Alternative Interval Timing Behaviours in Drosophila MelanogasterWong, Kyle; Kim, Woo Jae; Beiques, Jean-Claude