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2014Challenges in Canadian Cultural Discourses: Multiculturalism vis-à-vis Interculturalism and the Political 'Othering' of Canada's Cultural FabricNassrallah, Mireille; Boulou Ebanda de B'béri
2014Performing the Canadian "Mosaic": Juliette Gauthier, Florence Glenn, and the CPR Festivals of Quebec CitySheedy, Erin; Moore, Christopher
2014Europeanization and Nation-Building Process: The Case of Scottish Cultural Heritage PoliciesCantin, Caroline; Paquette, Jonathan
2014Legislated Multiculturalism & Second-Generation Hybrid Identities: A Phenomenological Study of Canadian Ismaili Muslim Men in Montreal, QuebecKarmali, Rahim; Shtern, Jeremy
2014Becoming Taiwanese Muslims: Ethnic, National, and Religious Identity Transformations in a Muslim MinorityPelletier, Robert; Simon, Scott
2015The Trajectory of Gang Membership: The Desistance from a "Deviant" IdentityBailey, Maykal; Corriveau, Patrice
2016Newcomer Strategic Negotiations of Religious/Secular Identities and Spaces: Examining the Tension between Structure and Agency in Processes of Immigrant Settlement in Ottawa, CanadaPaquette, Stéphane; Veronis, Luisa
2015Colour Coded: The Reification of "Race" through Nova Scotia's Black Business InitiativeJackson, Shawn M.; Gueye, Abdoulaye; Winter, Elke
2011Between Us and Them: Deconstructing Ideologies behind the Portrayal of Saudi Women in Canadian MediaDahlan, Kinda; Eid, Mahmoud
2011The Framing of Myth in the Creation of a Palestinian Identity: Hamas, Fatah and Children’s MediaBlank, Alyssa S.; Jourde, Cédric