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2015Entre loyauté partisane et engagement nationaliste : Napoléon-Antoine Belcourt, le Parti libéral et la cause canadienne-française, 1860-1932Richer, Geneviève; Bock, Michel
2015How Might Canadian Women Talk About Peri-Coital Contraception?Parniak, Simone N.; Foster, Angel M.
2013Humanitarian Ambitions - International Barriers: Canadian Governmental Response to the Plight of the Jewish Refugees (1933-1945)Comartin, Justin; Anctil, Pierre
2009Les Suisses, révélateurs de l'imaginaire national canadien : Construction identitaire et représentations de la citoyenneté à travers l'expérience des migrants suisses au Canada (XVIIe-XXe siècles)Khalid, Samy; Perrier, Sylvie; Gaffield, Chad
2014Frame Analysis of Canadian Copyright Reform 2008-2012: From "Made-in-Canada" to a "Balanced Solution"Rudkin, Aaron; Juillet, Luc; Wallner, Jennifer
2013An Urban Rainfall Storm Flood Severity IndexJobin, Erik; Nistor, Ioan
2013Transformations in the Canadian Youth Justice System. Creation of Statutes and the Judicial Waiver in QuebecPinero, Veronica B.; Rachel, Grondin; Pires, Alvaro
2013The Invasion of the Home Front: Revisiting, Rewriting, and Replaying the First World War in Contemporary Canadian PlaysMcHugh, Marissa; Sugars, Cynthia
2016Plurijuridismes, juges suprêmes et droits fondamentaux : étude comparée entre l’Union européenne et le CanadaLaurent, Aurélie; Otis, Ghislain; Rueda, Frédérique
2013Understanding Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in a Community-Based Network Working Towards the Baby Friendly InitiativeLukeman, Sionnach; Davies, Barbara