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2016Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Liquid Storage Tanks Under Seismic ExcitationBahreini Toussi, Iman; Mohammadian, Majid; Kianoush, Reza
2016Statistical Analysis of Steady State Response in RF Circuits via Decoupled Generalized Polynomial ChaosNabavi, Seyed Ghavamoddin; Gad, Emad; Nakhla, Michel
2016Handicap intellectuel et sexualité : une analyse phénoménologique interprétative du vécu des personnes identifiées comme ayant un handicap intellectuel et de leurs proches aidantsPariseau-Legault, Pierre; Holmes, Dave
2016Analysis and Modulation of PACT, DICER and MBNL1 in the Context of Myotonic Dystrophy Type IAzimi, Mehrdad; Mackenzie, Alexander
2016Les revues et les journaux canadiens-français face aux droites radicales européennes, 1918-1945Théorêt, Hugues; Bock, Michel
2016Sedimentology, Stratigraphic Evolution and Provenance of the Cambrian – Lower Ordovician Potsdam Group in the Ottawa Embayment and Quebec BasinLowe, David; Arnott, William Robert
2016Examining MicroRNAs as Regulators of Hepatic Lipid Homeostasis and Hepatitis C Virus ReplicationSingaravelu, Ragunath; Pezacki, John
2016Nordic Walking Improves Postural Alignment and Leads to a More Normal Gait Pattern Following 8 Weeks of Training in Older AdultsDalton, Christopher; Nantel, Julie
2016Plurijuridismes, juges suprêmes et droits fondamentaux : étude comparée entre l’Union européenne et le CanadaLaurent, Aurélie; Otis, Ghislain; Rueda, Frédérique
2016Engineering Novel TNFα-armed Oncolytic Viruses for Combination Immunotherapy with SMAC MimeticsPichette, Stephanie; Korneluk, Robert